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    Partner portal ecosystem

    This overview is for partners that require maximum flexibility in customizing the onboarding experience.


    By integrating our Partner API, you can provide your customers with a tailored experience (UX) while fully leveraging the advantages of our partner portal. Customize your customer onboarding precisely to your business requirements and benefit from our highly digitised processes that fully comply with current BaFin and AML requirements. This way, you gain maximum control over the onboarding process, allowing you to focus entirely on your core business.

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    Onboarding states

    During the onboarding, our process is divided into three distinct states that a customer transitions through, ultimately resulting in active status, with each state enabling specific API calls:

    Partner onboarding
    1. Prospect: In this Prospect state, the primary objective is the fundamental validation of your onboarding data and files. This process involves validating elements such as syntax, format, and completeness to establish a robust foundation for the onboarding process, ensuring that all incoming data adheres to the necessary standards.
    2. Pending: Transitioning to the Pending state, the main goal is the qualification (KYC & AML) of merchant onboarding. If any uncertainties arise during this phase, an automated case is created to facilitate the gathering of additional information or clarification as needed. This phase is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of compliance.
    3. Active: The transition to the Active state occurs when the merchant successfully passes the KYC and AML qualifications initiated in state 2. This signifies that you have met all stipulated qualification criteria, confirming their readiness for seamless integration into the ecosystem.

    Getting started

    To explore the possibilities of integrating with the Partner Portal and leveraging the Partner API, we invite you to reach out to our Partner Sales team. They will guide you through the integration process and provide the information you need to get started.

    For more information, please contact us.

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