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    What kind of payment windows Netaxept offers?

    You can choose between our PCI DSS compliant payment windows for web, mobile and in-app. If you wish to get started easily, you can use our ready-to-use standard payment windows for web and mobile in both two- and single-page mode. If you wish to customise the payment window to fit your site's look & feel, that can be easily done in Netaxept Admin and via API. For those who want to customise the payment process even more, we have payment window in mini layout mode and "Custom template" add-on service.

    Alternatively, you can make your integration to use your own hosted payment window. In that case, you need to implement your solution according to all PCI DSS requirements. For most merchants, we recommend using Netaxept hosted payment window.

    For mobile apps, we recommend using our SDK for in-app payments.