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    How can you most efficiently submit a support question through email or before calling in?

    You can find the respective Support email addresses depending on country by clicking on the country tabs here.

    Best practices

    Before you write or call our Support team, make sure that you have the following ready:

    • Merchant ID or email address
    • If applicable, payment ID


    For our Support team to fully help you the most with troubleshooting questions regarding plugins and integrations then please make sure to have all of the following included in your email:

    • Merchant ID
    • Payment ID
    • Your website URL
    • Plugin name and version
    • E-commerce platform name and version
    • Test ran on desktop or mobile
    • Browser and operating system
    • Integration type (embedded vs redirect)
    • Server type (apache, nginx, etc.)
    • Version of PHP
    • Name and version of the database
    • Any additional extension(s) used on top or together with our NetsEasy plugin
    • Testshop URL (ask them if they have a staging environment). If no staging environment is used, then share the live URL shop.
    • Relevant log files
    • Description with reproducible steps (a concise and clear summary of the issue)

    By doing so, it will ensure a faster and easier way for the us in Support to help you.

    If you're calling in, Support will also guide you on some of these questions for information in order to help you.


    We have the following recommendations to help solve an issue and find the root cause for some common troubleshooting when it comes to plugins.

    • Read all the documentation outlined from our page and the plugin's own documentation as well
    • Make sure all input fields and information has been correctly entered
    • Create a backup of your site
    • Create a staging environment
    • Update to the latest version
    • Make sure to follow our change log here to see if there are any new releases and updates
    • If possible, deactivate other plugins
    • Switch theme
    • Turn on debug mode

    Screenshots and video recordings

    We can recommend you to try and use the following tools to do captures for us: