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    Partner API reference

    This document describes the Reseller API for onboarding merchants to the Nexi Partner platform. Furthermore it is possible to perform basic lifecycle tasks for merchants.

    The API is a standard REST API which consists of 5 endpoints for merchant operations:

    • Initialize Reseller onboarding

    • Get onboarding status

    • Add a terminal

    • Add an outlet

    • Upload a document

    Details about these endpoints can be found on the stoplight contract page or on the documentation. It is based on standard mechanisms, like HTTP/1.1 and JSON.

    Environments and service URLs

    For a proper bidirectional authentication and proof that the reseller has access to the API Nexi relies on the mTLS mechanism for connection encryption and for authentication.

    This means that both parties need to have a certificate and so trust each other. The underlying principles are based on the public/private key cryptography.

    For setting up this scenario, we will provide you a technical help.

    EnvironmentBase address

    Price p.a.

    Depending on the provider you must calculate an annual fee for the certificate. This could be starting with 50 € up to 200 €, depending on your chosen provider and the type of certificate. (e.g. IONOS)

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