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    PayEngine API reference


    Authorization of requests is done via HTTP basic access authentication. The following syntax must be used in the Authorization header:


    Authorization: Basic base64(merchantId:apiKey)

    Example: merchantId = merchant_bzo3pt5dix apiKey = YGc7oJsaAIetzdxD base64 (merchantId:apiKey) = bWVyY2hhbnRfYnpvM3B0NWRpeDpZR2M3b0pzYUFJZXR6ZHhE

    This will result in the following basic access authentication header Authorization:

    Basic bWVyY2hhbnRfYnpvM3B0NWRpeDpZR2M3b0pzYUFJZXR6ZHhE

    Security scheme type:HTTP
    HTTP Authorization Scheme:Basic


    Authorization: Bearer merchantId Example: Authorization: Bearer merchant-111-111-111

    Security scheme type:HTTP
    HTTP Authorization Scheme:Bearer


    Sandbox API:
    Live API:

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