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    Reversal SoftPOS


    SoftPOS reversals

    Aiming to maintain backward compatibility with MPOS reversals, Nexi POS app expects the same input parameters for SoftPOS reversals. However, the app will revert the only reversible transaction, which is the last reversible transaction of the month.

    Error codes

    • -13: active developer options
    • -14: network not available
    • -15: smartphone not connected to network
    • -16: NFC not active
    • -17: there are no reversible SoftPOS transactions in the last month
    • -18: the last authorized transaction cannot be served (it may have already been reserved)
    • -19: transaction unavailable (if you require closing and you only have SoftPOS TID)
    • -20: NFC not available

    When the error is related to the SoftPOS payment flow, instead, the Nexi POS app will send a specific error code, following the template “X-Y-Z”.


    The response of purchases and reversals SoftPOS will contain only the mandatory fields. Optional* and optional** fields will be not present. Hence, purchase and reversal responses will contain the following fields:

    callerTrxIdIdentification string of the transaction within the third-party appStringyes
    operationTypeThis field describe type of operationStringyes
    resultThis field contains the result of the transactionintyes
    amountThe amount of the transactionintyes
    * Valued only in the event of an approved or denied transaction
    ** Valued in relation to the urlTicket field of the request

    The result field can take the following values:

    • 0: authorized purchase or reversal
    • 21: declined purchase or reversal
    • 20: cancelled purchase or reversal
    • 22: general error

    If urlTicket flag is passed as input, it will not be returned inside the response field, since it is optional**.

    The returned amount value will be the same been passed as input. Hence, in the case of reversal operation, it will not be the value of the real reversed transaction (the last storable transaction of the month), as caller would expect.

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