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    Unified Services API reference

    This is the complete API reference for the Nets Unified Services API.

    Environments and base addresses

    All communication between your site and Nets Unified Services is managed over HTTPS. The Unified Services REST APIs are collected under the following base addresses:

    EnvironmentBase address


    Unified Services provides the following APIs:


    Requests and responses

    The Nets Unified Services APIs follow the RESTful architectural style. A set of resources can be accessed using some of the endpoints provided by the APIs. To retrieve, add, or update resources, you use the associated HTTP methods for these actions:

    GETRetrieves a resource (idempotent, will never mutate a resource)
    POSTCreates a new resource. A JSON object, provided by you, describes the resource.
    PUTUpdates an existing resource. A JSON object, provided by you, describes the changes.


    You can pass parameters to the Unified Services APIs using:

    • Header parameters. For example, the Authorization header specifying the private API key is always sent as an HTTP header.
    • Path parameters. For example, the numerical payment identifier paymentId in the path /v1/payment/{paymentId}.
    • JSON objects. Some requests, typically POST and PUT, expect you to pass JSON objects to the Unified Services APIs (as a request body).

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