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    Documentation for Unified Services

    Unified Services is your single access point for processing payment transaction accross both, eCommerce and in-store payments.

    With the Unified Services API you benefit from an easy integration that allows access to a variety of Nets supported channels.



    Unified Services provides you with a rich set of integration options. Select the option that fits your platform and needs.

    Integrate Unified Services programmatically with our RESTful API.

    Webshop plugin

    In development. Please check later.


    In development. Please check later.


    The Unified Services API allows you to access a variety of channels. Ultimately it will support all channels supported by Nets.

    Payment Methods

    Unified Services supports a variety of payment methods. Which payment methods are supported in your integration, depends on a variety of factors, such as what channel you use, what additional contracts you have and others.

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