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    Accounting and Reversal Process

    The payment methods support different accounting methods to require the settlement of amounts.


    Depending on the specific properties of your business, you can choose one of the following types:

    • IMPLICIT: In conjunction with the payment phase, every approved transaction is implicitly confirmed.
    • EXPLICIT: After the payment phase, you must provide explicit confirmation of the approved transactions that you would like to post and settle. You can confirm the transactions from previous days, provided they are not later than 4 calendar days.

    In case of accounting method modification to implicit, you must manually confirm, through the Back-Office portal, the transactions that fall within the unmanaged gap of the new configuration.

    The following table shows for each supported payment method the supported accounting method, and the default temporal limits, after authorization, within which to process the request.

    Credit CardYes
    5 days

    If an approved transaction is not captured, the credit card ceiling will remain blocked for an amount equal to the authorised amount.

    After a given number of days, the authorisation will no longer apply and the blocked amount will be available again; this number of days may vary based on the issuing bank of the credit card used.

    If after a confirmation you need to re-credit a holder for the payment amount or part of it, you must perform a reversal operation, starting from the day after the payment confirmation date.

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