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    Integration options

    This section presents the integration methods made available by the gateway, to determine the shopping experience in their E-commerce business. Determining the shopping experience is the first step in integrating a payment gateway into an online store.

    With this method, the customer at the time of payment is redirected to a Nexi cash desk, where he enters the card data and performs the authentication procedures necessary for payment. Once the transaction is concluded, it returns to the merchant e-commerce.

    This method is designed for you who don't necessarily have an E-commerce site, but need a way to receive payments. This solution allows you to create payment links, which can be sent via email, SMS or through the most famous messaging systems to your customers. The payment link can be generated either from the back office of the gateway, through the appropriate panel, or through a dedicated API, in case there is a need to integrate this service within a management system.

    This method is designed for payment solutions that do not include external cash desks, card data are entered directly into the E-commerce site, through API calls the merchant's server sends sensitive data to the gateway to make the payment. PCI DSS certification required (SAQ D questionnaire).

    A Software Development Kit is a suite of tools that can be used to create, in a simpler and more immediate way, programs and applications. Nexi provides these tools to help programmers in developing solutions, starting from a ready-made base.

    The SDK sections are divided by programming language, and contain information about installing and using these tools. SDKs can be modified according to the needs of the developers.

    Below is a list of SDKs divided by programming language.

    • JAVA "okhttp" and "httpclient5" clients
    • PHP

    The SDKs may not implement all the solutions made available by the gateway, refer to the dedicated sections to retrieve more information. If you have difficulty implementing or have errors returned by the SDKs, please refer to the support contacts in the lower left.

    • CMS Plugin: Plugins are programs that can be installed in CMS dedicated to E-commerce. Nexi plugins allow you to integrate the payment gateway into your online store developed through:

      • Wordpress
      • Prestashop
      • Magento 2
      • OpenCart
      • Salesforce

    The plugins do not implement all integration methods, but mainly focus on the payment method through Hosted Payment Page, for more information about compatible services, see the pages dedicated to CMS.

    It is always recommended to perform tests before the transition to production. Also for plugins, Nexi invites you to carry out payment tests to verify that there are no problems with notifications sent by Nexi servers, which could be filtered by firewalls or other systems; to verify that there are no incompatibilities with third-party plugins installed in the CMS.


    If you need more support, refer to our Support page.

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