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    Getting started

    This page shows how to get started and what agreements and credentials you might need before integrating XPay payment solutions.


    What you need before you start:

    1. Perform integration with XPAY in accordance with this manual (in case you require Server to Server integration, please make sure that you meet all the PCI DSS requirements as you will be asked for relevant documents).
    2. Obtain the XPay Test Credentials to test your integration and perform basic tests. For more information, please see the Test area section.
    3. Confirm to your Nexi partner or your Acquirer that you are ready for live production.
    4. Obtain the XPay Credentials to go live.
    5. Obtain the XPay Admin Account for the Merchant portal (if applicable).
    6. Start the production operation.

    In case of any questions, please contact our technical support.


    The latest generation virtual POS of Nexi is designed for those who, through a website, want to sell goods or services by managing online payments.

    This payment gateway has the following benefits:

    • Easy integration
    • Flexibility: management of online payments through the main international circuits.
    • Security: thanks to compliance with the security standards defined by international circuits with Visa Secure and Mastercard Identity Check.
    • Transparency: because traditional paper reporting is accompanied by online reporting through the website.

    The electronic payment platform provides customers with a series of payment methods and tools to manage transactions, depending on their specific needs.

    All transmissions of sensitive data involving the operator, Nexi's systems and the end customer are encrypted according to the HTTPS protocol, in line with the security standards imposed by the International Circuits and the PCI-DSS standard.

    Nexi systems are also subjected to periodic and constantly updated security checks to ensure protection against any vulnerabilities detected under standard protocols.

    This site is intended as a guide for developers, not neglecting the functional aspect.


    The first step is to identify which type of integration you want to implement in your E-commerce or in your management system:

    Hosted Payment Page: with this method, the customer at the time of payment is redirected to a Nexi cash desk, where he enters the card data and performs the authentication procedures necessary for payment. Once the transaction is concluded, it returns to your E-commerce.

    Pay-By-Link: designed for merchants who do not necessarily have an E-commerce site, but need a way to receive payments. This solution allows you to create payment links, which can be sent via email, SMS or through the most famous messaging systems to your customers.

    Server to Server: payment solutions that do not include external cash desks, card data are entered directly into the E-commerce site, through API calls the merchant server sends sensitive data to the gateway to make the payment. PCI DSS certification required (SAQ D questionnaire).

    Process payments

    Once you have chosen the type of payment that best suits your business, you must check the additional services made available by Nexi, in order to identify any features to be implemented:

    • OneClick payments: This feature allows you to tokenize the customer's card data in order to allow faster subsequent payments.

    • Recurring payments: This feature allows you to tokenize the customer card information, so you can make recurrences for services such as subscriptions.


    A Software Development Kit is a suite of tools that can be used to create, in a simpler and more immediate way, programs and applications. Nexi provides these tools to help programmers in developing solutions, starting from a ready-made base. Check the available programming languages in the dedicated section.

    Test area

    During the implementation of integrations, as well as in plugin testing, a test environment is made available, with the data needed to make calls to the gateway and payment cards to simulate purchases.

    It is always recommended to perform tests before the transition to production. Also for plugins, Nexi invites you to carry out payment tests to verify that there are no problems with notifications sent by Nexi servers, which could be filtered by firewalls or other systems; to verify that there are no incompatibilities with third-party plugins installed in the CMS.

    At this stage, in case of difficulties in integration or errors returned by plugins, refer to the support section.

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