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    Reversal request message (from ECR)

    18NTerminal ID (00000000-99999999)
    91AReserved – fixed to ‘0’ (0x30)
    101AMessage code: ‘S’ (0x53)
    118NCash register ID
    196NSTAN of the transaction to be reversed.
    If the field is filled with ‘0’ (0x30) no check is performed.
    If the value is different from “000000”, the terminal performs the reversal only if the value is equal to the last payment transaction STAN.
    251NPresence of message with additional data for the GT:
    • ‘0’ = additional data message not present
    • ‘1’ = additional data message present
    261NReserved – fixed to ‘0’ (0x30)
    (Terminal requires the same card to perform the reversal)

    Reversal response message (from Terminal)

    18NTerminal ID (00000000-99999999)
    91AReserved – fixed to ‘0’ (0x30)
    101AMessage code: ‘E’ (0x45)
    112NTransaction result:
    • “00” = OK
    • “01” = KO
    • “09” = received unknown Tag from GT

    If transaction result is positive (00)

    1319NCard PAN, right aligned, filled with ‘0’ (0x30) on the left. The PAN is
    323ATransaction type:
    • “ICC” = ICC card
    • “MAG” = magnetic stripe card
    • “MAN” = manual PAN entry
    • “CLM” = c-less magstripe
    • “CLI” = c-less ICC
    356AReserved – fixed to ‘0’ (0x30)
    417ATransaction date and time received from host in DDDHHMM. The day is expressed as number of days since 01/01 of current year. For example, July 29, 15:20 is sent as 2111520.

    If transaction result is negative (01)

    1324AResult description. This field shall report, using only ASCII characters, the reason of the denial. The field is left aligned, filled with blank on the right.
    3711NReserved – fixed to ‘0’ (0x30)

    Common to any response

    481NCard type:
    • '1' = Bancomat card
    • '2' = Credit card
    • '3' = Other card
    4911NAcquirer ID. The field is left aligned, filled with blanks on the right.
    606NSTAN. Transaction sequence number.
    666NID online. Online operation progressive number.
    723NAction code related to current payment operation.
    7510NReserved – fixed to ‘0’ (0x30)

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