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    Send last result


    Whenever the POS terminal runs one of the following transactions, commanded by the remote device: Payment (all types), Offset, Credit, Pre-authorization (request, integration, and closure) it saves the transaction result message sent by the remote device in its static memory.

    If saved, it includes the “additional data from GT result” message. When the remote device wants to retrieve these results, it sends the terminal this command.

    The terminal does not run any sequence check and always keeps this message even if any other transaction was run that does not require the result message to be saved (example, DLL, totals, etc.).

    Receipt reprint request message (from ECR)

    18NTerminal ID (00000000-99999999)
    91AReserved – fixed to ‘0’ (0x30)
    101AMessage code: ‘G’ (0x47)
    118NCash register ID
    191NPresence of message with additional data for the GT:
    • ‘0’ = additional data message not present
    • ‘1’ = additional data message present
    203NReserved (fixed at “0” 30 hex)

    Last result request feedback message (from ECR)

    The feedback message is exactly the same as the last RESULT message saved during the foreseen procedures. If required by the command message, the additional data from GT message is also sent.

    The sequence is the same as a normal command result.

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