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    Documentation for Traditional POS

    Traditional POS documentation includes the description of the protocol, derived from the Italian standard ECR17, supported by Nexi Group terminals for local connection with Merchant systems in order to integrate electronic payment services.

    BG-Unified services

    Traditional terminals are offered in the following configurations:

    • Desktop with Pin Pad: connected via Ethernet to the shop lan, can be used as a standalone terminal or integrated with the cash register.

    • Cordless+: can be connected via Ethernet through a charge and connectivity cradle and directly via Wi-Fi, to the shop’s LAN, allowing the merchant to accept payments even outside the cradle's coverage range. Cordless terminals are suitable for integrated solutions at the checkout via LAN.

    • Portable: equipped with a 4G SIM, allow the Merchant to accept payments in shop where there is no LAN option or outside. In this case, there is no integration option available and, if required, you must choose a SmartPOS solution.

    • Retail Pin Pad: devices without printer that are connected via Ethernet to the shop LAN and always require an integration with the cash register. 

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