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    TAP API reference

    The TAP APIs provide a secure way to add additional payments to your merchant's terminals.

    • The Adminstration Service allows you to add merchants to the service.

    • The Terminal Definition Service allows to add payment methods to the terminal.

    • The Payment Service enables you to process alternative payments programmatically.

    • The LookUp Service allows to add a merchant's third party agreement to TAP services.

    This is the complete API reference for TAP.

    Environments and base addresses

    All communication between your site and the TAP Service is managed over HTTPS. The TAP Service REST APIs are collected under the following base addresses:


    EnvironmentBase address
    Administration Service
    Terminal Service
    Payment Service
    Lookup Service

    Requests and responses

    The TAP APIs follow the RESTful architectural style. A set of resources can be accessed using some of the endpoints provided by the APIs. To retrieve, add, or update resources, you use the associated HTTP methods for these actions:

    GETRetrieves a resource (idempotent, will never mutate a resource)
    POSTCreates a new resource. A JSON object, provided by you, describes the resource.
    PUTUpdates an existing resource. A JSON object, provided by you, describes the changes.


    You can pass parameters to the TAP APIs using:

    • Header parameters. For example, the Authorization header specifying the private API key is always sent as an HTTP header.
    • Path parameters.
    • Query parameters.
    • JSON objects. Some requests, typically POST and PUT, expect you to pass JSON objects to the TAP API.


    In order to programmatically communicate with our TAP service, you must generate an access token using your client_id and your client_secret.

    Data types and formats

    The TAP APIs uses the data types and data formats as defined in OpenAPI specification.

    Date and time

    All date and time strings should be formatted according to the definition of date-time in RFC3339, unless otherwise specified. For example, the string 2021-03-23T15:30:55.23Z represents 30 minutes and 55.23 seconds after the 15th hour of March 23rd, 2021 in UTC.

    Currency and amount

    Currency should always be specified using a 3-letter code (ISO-4217). The following table lists all currencies supported by Nets Easy:

    DKKDanish krone
    GBPPound sterling
    NOKNorwegian krone
    SEKSwedish krona
    USDUnited States dollar
    CHFSwiss franc

    Amounts are specified in the lowest monetary unit for the given currency, without punctuation marks. For example: 100,00 NOK is specified as 10000 and 9.99 USD is specified as 999.

    Country codes and phone prefixes

    The following table lists all countries supported by TAP:

    CountryISO CodePhone Prefix
    Antigua & BarbudaATG1

    Payment providers

    List of Payment providers we're partnering with:


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