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    Terminal Services

    Terminal Service facilitates CRUD operations for payment method definitions

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    Get payment methods/schemes/psps for a merchantId

    GET /ms/naa/terminal/method/list/{baxId}/{terminalId}

    This operation retrieves payment method/scheme/psp definitions for a given merchantId


    • Authorizationstringrequired

      Bearer Base64(consumer-key:consumer-secret)

    • baxIdstringrequired

      parameter baxId i.e. merchantId to retrieve payment method/scheme definition

    • terminalIdstringrequired

      parameter terminalId

    • excludestringoptional

      Query Parameter schemeIds seperated by comma to exclude from result set e.g. 201,202

    • callerstringoptional

      Query Parameter caller

    • langstringoptional

      Query Parameter lang i.e. language from the terminal e.g. sv/no etc

    Get payment methods/schemes/psps for a merchantId

    var client = new RestClient("{baxId}/%7BterminalId%7D?exclude=SOME_STRING_VALUE&caller=SOME_STRING_VALUE&lang=SOME_STRING_VALUE");
    var request = new RestRequest(Method.GET);
    request.AddHeader("Authorization", "SOME_STRING_VALUE");
    IRestResponse response = client.Execute(request);


    • 200The content bas been successfully returnedoptional
      • priorityinteger (int32)optional
      • merchRcptReqarrayoptional
        • fiTxnTypesstringoptional


        • reqstringoptional


      • paymentProviderIdinteger (int32)optional

        Numerical value/identifier for the PSP in the TAP system

      • namestringoptional

        Name for the PSP in the TAP system

      • meanDelayinteger (int32)optional

        Mean delay value to calculate stale age for a transaction to be moved to STALE state after it is INITIALIZED. Calculated based on formula (staleAgePercent * meanDelay * MILLIES / 100) Where staleAgePercent=300, MILLIES=1000. Hence if meanDelay is 10, stale age is 30000 i.e 30 secs (300 * 10 * 1000 / 100)

      • queriesarrayoptional

        Map of query objects used by terminal to display lables/prompts along with there min/max length for ECR for different transaction types identifed by id mapped to txnQueryFlow

      • transactionTypesarrayoptional

        Array of Transaction Types supported at the method/scheme/psp definiton level i.e. PAYMENT/REFUND/REVERSAL

      • walletIdstringoptional
      • triggerarrayoptional

        List of trigger types supported at the method/scheme/psp definiton level i.e. MANUAL/QR

      • defaultTriggerstringoptional

        Default trigger as QR available when we have both MANUAL AND QR for purchase transaction else null

      • okCodesarrayoptional

        These are OK codes for each transaction type used by terminals to determine success value

        • typestringoptional


        • valuestringoptional


      • txnQueryFlowarrayoptional

        List of Transaction Query Flow for ech type of transaction type linked with query id and also contains triggers available at transaction tyep level

        • transactionTypestringoptional


        • queryIdsarrayoptional
        • triggersarrayoptional
      • labelstringoptional

        Label to de displayed for the payment method/scheme/psp on the terminal

      • triggerParamsobjectoptional

        Trigger parameters to be used present only in case of QR purchase transaction to control shortcutkey, pushtext lable to displayed, background color and type as 1 or 0 where 1 indicates QR is based on EMVCo specifications

        • Qrobjectoptional
          • shortcutKeystringoptional
          • pushTextstringoptional
          • typestringoptional
          • bgcolorstringoptional
      • staleTimeOutinteger (int32)optional

        The timeout after which the transaction in STALE or PENDING state are marked as TIMEDOUT in the TAP system. if value not present default stale timeout is 5 minutes

      • finalizeTimeOutinteger (int32)optional

        The timeout after which the transaction in RESERVED(for integrations having requirement of finalizing transaction quite later) state are marked as TIMEDOUT in the TAP system. if value not present default stale timeout is 5 minutes

      • delayedAmountinteger (int32)optional

        Delayed Amount indicator as 0 or 1. 1 indicating that the scheme/method/psp supports deplayed Amount feature i.e Terminal can initiate purchase request without amount.

    • 404No method found for the given baxid.optional
    • 500optional
      The server experienced a runtime exception while processing the request. Try again later or contact customer support.


        "priority": 0,
        "merchRcptReq": [
                "fiTxnTypes": "PAYMENT",
                "req": "NOT_REQUIRED"
        "paymentProviderId": 0,
        "name": "string",
        "meanDelay": 0,
        "queries": [
                "property1": {},
                "property2": {}
        "transactionTypes": [
        "walletId": "string",
        "trigger": [
        "defaultTrigger": "string",
        "okCodes": [
                "type": "PAYMENT",
                "value": "PAID"
        "txnQueryFlow": [
                "transactionType": "PAYMENT",
                "queryIds": [
                "triggers": [
        "label": "string",
        "triggerParams": {
            "Qr": {
                "shortcutKey": "string",
                "pushText": "string",
                "type": "string",
                "bgcolor": "string"
        "staleTimeOut": 0,
        "finalizeTimeOut": 0,
        "delayedAmount": 0