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    Wallet based payment methods

    This page outlines the basics of using payment methods based on mobile wallet applications via Unified Services.

    Before you start

    Before you start accepting wallet payments, you might need to sign an additional aggrement with the channel you are using. Learn more in the Channel section.

    Customer Experience

    Your customers must have downloaded the correct payment app on their smartphone with one or more payment card(s) added. They must register their local mobile phone number into the app and approve which card(s) they want to use for online payment purposes.

    When the customers are shopping online and have chosen the payment method either on your website or on the Nets hosted PayPage, they are asked to enter their mobile phone number as registered in the app. After entering the mobile phone number, a push message will be sent to the customer's smart phone to give a confirmation of their payment. The customer logs into their app and approve the payment by swiping or pressing the corresponding button.

    During the approval process, Unified Services authorizes the payment automatically. 3D Secure authentication is bypassed, and all payments are considered and marked as non 3DS authenticated. If the authorization is accepted by the card issuer, the customer receives a receipt in the app showing the approval of the payment.

    Please note that this is not an official receipt. The consumer should receive the official receipt from your webshop as they normally do.

    The payment is now authorized. When the order has been delivered to the customer or there is certainty regarding its delivery, you can capture the payment. After the capture is done, the order amount is withdrawn from the customer's payment card (the one that's linked to their app).

    Now the funds get settled to your company's bank account in the same settlement batch file and within the same timeframe as your regular card payments.


    To be able to use mobile wallets as payment methods on your webshop, you need to sign an acquiring agreement with your chosen acquirer.

    Payment Flow

    The payment flow in general follows the sequence of steps as described in the Process Payments section section.

    In fact, payments done via mobile wallets are considered and processed as regular card payments, and as such, the same rules and possibilities apply:

    • The payment can be captured after the product or service has been delivered to the consumer or there is certainty regarding its delivery.
    • The authorization is valid the same length as regular card authorizations, i.e. depending on issuer rules.
    • The authorization is put on the underlying card.
    • The same liability shift rules apply than with regular card payments.

    Wallet based payment methods are not supported for recurring payments.

    Wallets supported per channel

    Payment methodname in APIChannel Netaxept

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