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    This section gives an overview of what channels are supported by Unified Services.

    What are channels?

    Payment channels in the context of our API refer to interfaces or communication pathways that allow different computer systems to talk to each other and exchange information related to processing payments.

    Our API enables merchants or businesses to connect to payment service providers and securely process transactions without having to handle sensitive payment information directly.

    For example, your website can use our API to securely communicate with a payment gateway provider to process a customer credit card payment.

    Using payment channels via our API allows businesses to integrate payment processing into their websites or applications easily, streamline the payment process, and ensure secure handling of sensitive payment information.

    Available Channels

    Currently our API supports 2 channels:

    • E-commerce
    • POS

    More channels will be made available soon, so that at some point all Nets supported services can be utilized using Unified Services.


    The E-commerce channel is a payment processing channel that enables merchants to accept online payments from customers using a website or mobile app. It typically involves integrating a payment gateway into your online platform, which securely processes the payment and communicates with your bank to complete the transaction. Our E-commerce channel is served through the Netaxept service.


    The POS channel, short for "Point of Sale," is a payment processing channel that enables merchants to accept payments from customers in person, such as in a physical store or restaurant. It involves using a payment terminal or card reader to process the payment and communicate with your bank to complete the transaction. Our POS channel is served through the CCV service.

    Unified Services allows you to use these channels with just one API. While you are communicating with Unified Services, we are translating the request to meet the channel specific requirements.

    You can choose what channels serve your specific needs best, without the need to deal with cross-channel reporting and integration inconsistencies

    How it works

    Unified Services allows you, to use a variety of channels with just one API.

    Learn about channel specific requirements

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