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    Netaxept Admin Portal

    Netaxept Admin is a web-based user interface for handling and processing transactions made via the E-commerce channel..


    In your Netaxept Admin account you can:

    • process transactions made through API
    • customize the payment window
    • activate additional payment methods
    • create payment links
    • adjust antifraud settings
    • set fee categories

    Call Centre merchant can initiate and process transactions in Netaxept Admin.

    In your Netaxept Admin you can chose between the following supported languages: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German.

    Log in

    The Netaxept Merchant ID (username) and the Netaxept admin account password must be used to login to the Netaxept admin account. The contact person can then add additional users to the Netaxept admin account. While they will receive their unique usernames and passwords, the Merchant ID remains to be the username for the contact person.

    You can login to the Netaxept admin portal here.

    Log in to Netaxept Admin: Production: Test:

    You might have different Merchant IDs, one for the testing environment, and one for production.

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