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    Webshop plugin for Shopware 6

    This guide describes how to install, configure, and use the webshop module for Shopware 6.

    Author: Nexi-Nets
    Supporting System: Shopware 6
    Latest version: 1.3
    License: MIT License

    Before you start

    Ensure that you have the following before you start to integrate the plugin:

    • Netaxept credentials: ClientId and SecrectId from Netaxept
    • Access to file server

    The plugin itself contains the Core SDK, which can be updated separately. For more information see the Github repository.


    For credentials to communicate with our payment system, it is necessary to perform certain actions described here.

    Once done, you need to get the ClientId and SecretId to communicate with our API as described here.

    After completing the above actions, you will be given the required credentials to enter into our plugin.


    1. Connect to your server with an SSH client
    2. Go to the Shopware 6 plugins folder, shopware6/custom/plugins.
    3. Clone the NexiNetsPaymentPlugin.
    4. Rename the PSP-Integrations-Shopware6-plugin folder to NexiNetsPayment, so you now have: shopware6/custom/plugins/NexiNetsPayment.
    5. Go into the plugin folder shopware6/custom/plugins/NexiNetsPayment and run composer install --no-dev command.
    6. Go back to the Shopware 6 root folder and run the following commands:
    • bin/console plugin:refresh
    • bin/console plugin:install NexiNetsPayment
    • bin/console plugin:activate NexiNetsPayment
    • bin/console cache:clear

    Plugin configuration

    For proper functioning, configure the plugin:

    1. To configure and setup the plugin, navigate to Admin> Extensions> My Extensions.
    2. Locate the Nexi-Nets payment plugin, press the button with three dots (...) and then Configure.
    3. Fill in the credentials section with your credentials. If you want to use the sandbox credentials, navigate to the sandbox section and fill in the details.
    4. If you have your own terminal view in Nexi/Nets, please fill in the Custom Terminal Template Name field in the Terminal Template Settings section.
    5. Save your changes.

    Shopware configuration

    Once you have configured the payment plugin and provided your credentials, please remember to enable the payment method in Shopware 6:

    1. Go to Settings> Payment Methods and and toggle the Nexi/Nets payment plugin to Active.
    2. Click on Edit details and activate the Allow payment change after checkout option.

    To make the payment method work, it must be selected in at least one sales channel.

    Available actions


    In addition to the basic payment methods that Shopware 6 offers, such as Capture and Authorize, our system also supports full and partial refunds.

    Perform the following steps to make a refund:

    1. Go to Orders> Overview.
    2. Select the order and click on it.

    If the payment was made through our plugin, you will see an additional column in the items table named Status.

    1. Click on the three dots (...) and then Refund.
    2. Provide the amount and confirm the operation by clicking Refund or Refund All.
    3. The money will be returned to your customer.

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