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    Disputless is a value-added service dedicated to reservations (Hotels, Restaurants and Travel Agencies) that can be managed with the XPay Gateway.

    Compliant with all safety regulations in force, the "Disputless" service is based on the Nexi XPay platform and allows you to simplify remote bookings through all payment instruments accepted by the merchant, making them more defensible in the event of a dispute.


    The service allows the following types of reservations:

    • Guaranteed Reservation: reservation, through a card verification without charge to the customer. If the customer does not show up at the property, it is possible to charge the cost of the first night of stay.
    • Guaranteed reservation with penalty: reservation, through a card verification without charge to the customer. An automatic charge is made in the event that a guest shows up or not for check-in.
    • Refundable prepaid: reservation with payment in advance.. It is possible to refund the amount in full or in part (depending on Terms and Conditions defined by the operator) if the reservation is cancelled before the start of the stay.
    • Prepaid Non-Refundable: reservation with payment in advance. No refunds can be made.
    • Bundle: booking of a bundle containing several services provided by the same structure, for example stay + excursion + restaurant + tourist bus.

    Additional Services

    The following services are also made available:

    • Insertion of terms and conditions: allows you to upload, view and edit customized terms and conditions documents for each facility to be used with the service.
    • Incremental: further pre-authorizations that add up to the first, without customer involvement. Operation usable for example for customers who decide to extend their stay.
    • No Show Payment: if the customer does not show up and the reservation has not been canceled within the terms and conditions defined, it is possible to request a refund according to the terms and conditions predefined by the circuit rules.
    • Delayed Charge: possibility to make further charges on the card. This operation can be used, for example, for customers who have used the mini bar or have caused damage to the property.
    • Deferred and Delayed Collection: Preauthorizations and payments spread over several deferments.

    In order to use the service, it must be activated from the CommerceWeb Portal and at least one facility must be configured.

    Are you a software house and integrating Disputless XPay Hotel? You can become an official Nexi Partner and be mentioned on the site, during webinars, and at industry events. Make an appointment with one of our experts to find out more about the Nexi Partner Program[Italian].

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