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    In-App SDKs

    This is for you who want to use in-App SDK integration.


    The sections dedicated to the SDKs are divided by programming language, and contain information relating to the installation of these tools and their use. The SDKs can be modified according to the needs of the developers.

    Below is a list of the SDKs divided by programming language.

    MiA XPay Android SDK is a library which facilitates the embedded XPay Checkout integration in your Android application.

    MiA - XPay iOS SDK is a library which facilitates the integration of the hosted XPay Checkout in your iOS application.

    Through the SDK made available by Nexi, it is possible to choose between the OkHttp client and HttpClient5.

    The SDK may not implement all the solutions made available by the gateway, refer to the dedicated sections to retrieve more information.


    In case of implementation difficulties or errors returned by the SDKs, please refer to the support section.

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