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    Test environment

    This section describes how to test your integrations in the XPay test environment.


    During the implementation phase of the integrations, as well as in the plugin tests, a test area is made available, with the data necessary to make calls to XPay and payment cards to simulate purchases, in particular:

    • Api-Key: the apikey is the key and identifying parameter of the merchant's terminal, which must be passed in the header of each API call. XPay provides a series of apikey divided by usable functionality. In production, this key can be recovered from the merchant's back office.
    • Payment cards: in the test area it is possible to use specific cards to simulate positive or negative payments.

    It is always recommended to run tests before going into production. Also for plugins, Nexi invites you to carry out payment tests to verify that there are no problems with the notifications sent by Nexi servers, which could be filtered by firewalls or other systems; to verify that there are no incompatibilities with third party plugins installed in the CMS.

    At this stage, in case of integration difficulties or errors returned by the plugins, please refer to the support contacts at the bottom left.


    Here are the api-keys that can be used to perform tests with XPay:

    • Api-Key implicit accounting terminal: 71dcc4e2-d8fa-40ab-9d56-3afcb5426586
    • Api-Key terminal explicit accounting: 4beb8a5c-e0ec-45b4-a47f-e7e1ba4938c7

    It is necessary to proceed with the payments using the cards made available in the section Payment cards, and use the TEST addresses made available in each API.

    In order to see the main differences between Implicit and Explicit accounting, please see directly the following section Accounting and Reversal Process.

    Payment Cards

    in the test area, it is possible to use specific cards to simulate positive or negative payments. Below are the cards that can be used to make payments in the test area.

    SchemaCard No.Expiry dateCVVResult
    Visa4509 0366 1730 6008 07/2024688OK
    Mastercard5350 1800 4857 3005 04/2027525OK
    Visa43499 4019999 700712/2028829KO
    Mastercard55338 9387430 446512/2028123KO

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