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    The service allows you to get a payment link, to be sent via email or chat to the customer in order to perform a transaction. By clicking on the link, the customer is redirected to the gateway checkout page, from where he can choose to pay by payment card or alternative methods.

    The generated link is unique per transaction, you will not be able to send the same link to multiple customers.

    This section presents Pay-By-Link link generation via API, but you can also use it via XPay back office.

    Technical Flow



    Payment Initialization

    • Your server requests the payment link via the POST/orders/paybylink API call (1).
    • The payment gateway returns the Pay-By-Link address and the token needed to validate calls with the gateway ("securityToken" parameter) (2).
    • The merchant's server sends the payment link to the customer (3).
    • The customer clicks on the payment link (4).
    • The customer is directed to the checkout page and enters the card details (5).

    Authorization Process

    • The payment gateway redirects the customer to the authentication page of their card issuer (6).
    • The customer proceeds with 3D Secure authentication (7).
    • The authorization system returns the authentication result to the gateway (8).
    • The customer is redirected to the gateway (9).
    • The customer displays the gateway's transaction outcome page (10).

    Available APIs

    The following APIs are available for the Pay-by-Link service:

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