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    Plugins for CMS

    This guide outlines the different functionality that each plugin can do related to E-commerce. Our plugins and payment extensions allow you to quickly integrate XPay into your webshop.

    Plugins overview

    Use our ready-made, open source, and free webshop modules to offer a great payment experience to your customers.

    They are optimised and tested for a seamless integration, on all most popular E-commerce platforms, as listed below:

    Plugins are programs that can be installed in CMS dedicated to E-commerce. Nexi plugins allow you to integrate the payment gateway into your online store developed through:

    • WooCommerce
    • Prestashop
    • Magento 2
    • OpenCart
    • Salesforce

    The plugins do not implement all integration methods, but mainly focus on the payment method through Hosted Payment Page, for more information about compatible services, see the pages dedicated to CMS.

    It is always recommended to perform tests before the transition to production. Also for plugins, Nexi invites you to carry out payment tests to verify that there are no problems with notifications sent by Nexi servers, which could be filtered by firewalls or other systems; to verify that there are no incompatibilities with third-party plugins installed in the CMS.

    If you need more support, refer to our Support page.

    XPay checkout with plugins

    In the following table, you can check which functionalities are available for each of the plugins with XPay Checkout:

    NameRedirect HPPXPay BuildSplit billing/shippingMulti languagesMulti currencyB2CB2B
    Magento 2
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    Payment operations for plugins

    In the following table below, you can check which payment operations are available for each of the plugins:

    NameAuthorizationOneClickFull capturePartial captureAuth. with automated captureFull refundPartial refundSubscription
    Magento 2
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    * With WooCommerce Subscription

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