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    Service usage specification


    The services published by the e-commerce payment gateway support the HTTP protocol with channel encryption and use the NVP format for the request and XML format for the response.

    Specifications for API calls

    The technical details for sending messages are described in the table below:

    Production url
    Test url

    The only protocol supported is TLSv1.2. Below are the ciphers:


    The encoding used for the individual characters must be ISO 8859-1.

    Specifications for the response

    Responses to calls to synchronous services use XML format.

    Within the paragraph of each payment protocol, examples are shown with the correct path.

    Specifications for outcome notification

    Payment notifications for asynchronous services can only be made on ports 443 or 8443.

    Below are the IP addresses of the Gateway from which notifications are sent:

    DomainIP addresses

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