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    Agreement Onboarding

    This section shows how to add a merchant's existent third party agreement to TAP services. This step is required before your merchants can accept alternate payment methods.

    Before you start

    At this point, you should have both, your access token and the merchantId for the merchant who's agreement you want to add.

    Add third party agreements for your merchants

    In order to make alternative payment's work for your merchant's terminal, they must have an additional agreement with a third party payment provider.

    This aggrement needs to be connected to the added merchant in our TAP system.

    To do this, you use the Lookup Services API.

    TAP Lookup API base url (testing):

    Example: curl add agreement

    curl --request POST \
      --url \
      --header 'Authorization: SOME_STRING_VALUE' \
      --header 'content-type: application/json' \

    The example above shows the endpoint for the add third party agreement call:


    Again, please make sure to add the access token as a header parameter.

    Add third party agreements - payload

    Request Body - /identifier/create

      "userId": "string",
      "agreementLineDto": [

    As shown above, the payload for the Create Agreement request contains the userId parameter and the agreementLineDto array.

    Both of these are required in order to create the agreement:

    userId - who is sending the Create Agreement request

    lineFromType - this refers to the Third Party Payment Service Provider. Possible values are SWISH_E_COM, KLARNA, SANTANDER etc. Please find a list of all supported Payment Service Providers here.

    lineFromId - that is the merchantId you've received when adding the merchant. Remember that the merchantId needs to start with the prefix you've received with the Add merchant response.

    lineToType, lineToId - Refers to the Agreement (such as KLARNA_MERCHANT_ID, KLARNA_PASSWORD and the corresponding value (lineToId).


    If successful, the merchant's third party aggreement is now linked to the merchantId on the TAP server. Dependent on the specifics of the third party agreement, alternate payment methods are now ready for your merchant to accept.

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