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    Supported payment providers

    Supported payment providers

    TAP partners with a growing number of Payment Providers to allow you to offer your customer's preferred payment method on your payment terminals.

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    Swish is a is a mobile payment app (digital wallet) which lets users pay for products and services with their bank account. They need to have a Swish account with a Swedish bank account as a funding source.

    When your buyers select Swish as a payment method on the Terminal, the Terminal shows a QR Code. They scan that QR Code with their mobile phone from within the opened Swish app. Now they complete the payment on their phone.

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    Cancel payment
    Direct charge


    Klarna's provides multiple Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options for your customers.

    Klarna is an innovative financial company, which has been offering easy-to-use payment solutions and factoring since 2005. Klarna takes over the credit and fraud risk for both merchants and customers throughout the payment process. Klarna's payment services are easy to use and work seamlessly across borders.

    Klarna offers the following payment options:

    Pay Now: Consumers can pay securely at checkout via online bank transfer (Sofort), direct debit or credit card.

    Pay Later: Consumers can pay via invoice.

    Financing: Consumers can pay in fixed or flexible installments and disperse the expenditures in time.

    Merchants can decide which of the three payment methods should be enabled for them depending on preferences and business characteristics.


    With our partner Santander, you can offer an additional Buy Now Pay Later option for your customers.

    Your customer can transfer the invoiced amount to Santander within 30 days, while you can expect to receive your money within a few days after the goods have been shipped.

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