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    3D Secure is a service that provides consumers with two-factor authentication to validate online transactions, thus increasing the level of security of purchases and payments made on the internet.

    It is therefore an advanced tool to protect consumers from the risks related to fraud that can arise from electronic payments.

    3D Secure is available on all cards that rely on the international MasterCard (Mastercard Identity Check) and Visa (Verified by Visa) circuits, but must first be activated to become operational. The activation of this authentication is possible from the portal or from the banking app.

    The operation of 3D Secure is very intuitive. Those who make an online payment receive a temporary code or a notification on their banking app on their mobile number to proceed with the transaction. It is always good to take care that the Secure Code logo is correctly displayed on the web page.

    The 3D Secure protocol with version 2 introduces new authentication modes improving the cardholder's shopping experience.

    3D Secure 2

    The 3D Secure 2.2 protocol adopted by the main international circuits, introduces new authentication methods, able to improve and speed up the cardholder's shopping experience.

    In particular, the protocol allows an exchange of more information between the merchant and the card issuer, in order to allow a better assessment of the risk of the transaction, simplifying the customer's shopping experience and improving the conversion rate at check out.

    In many cases, the information retrieved from the buyer's device and additional information passed by you will be sufficient to authenticate the cardholder transparently, without further interaction. In some cases, however, for transactions that present higher risks, active customer authentication will be required.

    Additional Parameters

    The gateway independently retrieves many additional data, while others can be sent from your website during payment start-up. In the APIs dedicated to payments, it will be possible to find the "customerInfo" object containing the data dedicated to 3D Secure 2.

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