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    Process Payments - Tokenization


    Once you have chosen the type of payment that best suits your business, you must check the additional services made available by Nexi, in order to identify any features to be implemented:

    • OneClick payments: This feature allows you to tokenize the customer's card data in order to allow faster subsequent payments.

    • Recurring payments: This feature allows you to tokenize the customer's card information, so you can make recurrences for services such as subscriptions.

    • Currency conversion: By default the payment with the gateway is made with Euro currency, but services are made available to allow the customers to proceed with the payment in the reference currency.

    • Omnichannel: This feature allows to enrich the user experience of collection services by offering customers the omnichannel framework, ensuring the ability to manage shopping experiences and multi-channel use cases that allow you to initiate an online payment (in store) and finish it in store (online):

      • Click and Collect: This feature allows a shopping experience that allows the customer to initiate a purchase on an online channel and to finish it at a physical store of the merchant.
      • POS Tokenization: This feature allows the customer to register their card data via tokenization directly on the physical POS and allowing the merchant to subsequently charge amounts without requiring a card or other data from the customer (recurring payments and OneClick).
    • Multi-currency payments: XPay allows you to operate in 30 countries and settle payments in 12 currencies:

      • Multi Currency: with the Multi Currency service it is possible to manage the currency with which to display prices and accept payments.
      • DCC: allows customers of international Visa and Mastercard credit cards to make purchases in their own currency, with a guaranteed exchange rate at the time of payment.

    Not all of the features listed are available for integration modes.

    Integration ModeOne-ClickRecurring
    External checkout page
    Server to Server

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