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    Payment Methods

    This section describes an overview of all the supported payment methods. It also describes how a payment method can be added and how it affects both the payment flow and processing of the payments.


    Nexi XPay supports a variety of payment methods to provide convenience for your consumers. The types of payment methods available are:

    • Cards
    • Wallets
    • Account to Account (A2A)

    Supported payment methods

    Through a contract with Nexi, the following payment methods are automatically activated on your terminal:

    Visa CardsAll
    Mastercard CardsAll
    Maestro CardsAll
    V Pay CardsAll
    Google Pay WalletAll
    Apple Pay WalletAll
    PayPal WalletAll
    PayPal - Pay in 3 WalletIT
    Bancomat Pay A2AIT
    MyBank A2AIT
    Giropay A2ADE
    Bancontact A2ABE

    Additional payment methods are available on request, with a Nexi contract:

    American Express CardsAll
    JCB CardsAll


    A credit card authorization is a request to a card issuer from a card acquirer to approve a request for funds on a cardholder’s account. The request is based on a purchase transaction between you and the cardholder.

    In the process of the authorization request, the card issuer will check that:

    • the cardholder has an active card
    • the cardholder has not reported their card as stolen
    • the request does not seem fraudulent
    • there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the transaction

    Once an authorization is approved, the amount is reserved and it can be captured. This means that the transfer of funds occurs upon capture.

    Funds are only reserved during a limited time period. After this time period is exceeded, the issuer is not required to honour (approve) the capture request.

    The timeframe for authorization time for the different card schemes can be seen in the dedicated sections of each payment method.


    Wallets are services that allow users to securely store and manage financial and payment information, such as credit cards, debit cards, and alternative payment methods.

    Account to account (A2A)

    Account to account (A2A) is a type of financial transaction that allows funds to be transferred directly from one bank or financial account to another, without the need for intermediaries such as credit cards or electronic payment accounts.

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