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    Apple Pay

    This guide outlines the basics of using Apple Pay via our Nexi XPay Checkout solution and gives you instructions needed for a successful implementation.

    Integration types: XPay Checkout, XPay Build, XPay PayByLink


    Apple Pay is a payment method linked to Apple devices used for making payments in a few moments by using TouchID or FaceID technologies. This method allows the use of previously stored cards in the Apple account. It is a secure system as card data are never exchanged directly with XPay, but a token is sent with which XPay can debit the card.

    This feature is present only on Apple devices equipped with TouchID or FaceID, running iOS 10 and later, or macOS 10.12 and later on the Safari browser. For the complete and updated list of supported devices, you may visit the Apple Pay compatibility page.


    To make this payment method available on the checkout page, you need to configure and activate the service by accessing the Apple Pay page in the back office.


    This is a summary table of compatibilities and potential limitations of the payment method with the services provided by Nexi XPay:

    Minimum amount
    No limit
    Maximum amount
    No limit
    Card verification
    Maximum preuthorization period27 days
    Implicit accounting
    Explicit accounting

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