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    Credit Cards

    This guide outlines the basics of using Cards payments such as Mastercard, Visa, JCB, etc. via our Nexi XPay Checkout solution and gives you instructions needed for a smooth implementation.

    Integration types: XPay Checkout, XPay Build, XPay PayByLink, Server to Server

    Before you start

    The Credit Card payment methods are activated automatically with the Nexi contract.

    American Express is an exception as it must be requested from Amex directly to make it available on your checkout page.


    Nexi XPay Checkout supports the following credit card payments:

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Maestro
    • VPay
    • American Express
    • JCB

    Payment Flow

    Credit card payment steps

    1. Reservation (or authorization) - Your customer's payment details get verified and the transaction gets approved. Now the funds are reserved and ready for you to collect them.
    2. Charge (or capture, settlement) - Once the order is shipped, you can charge the funds from within your Nexi XPay account (a separate capture). That helps avoid refunds and chargebacks.

    Nexi Checkout credit card payments features

    • Subscriptions (or recurring payments)
    • Refunds (full and partial)
    • Capture (full and partial)

    You can also cancel payments as long as you have not charged the funds.

    Please find the detailed descriptions of these and other events (update order, terminate payment, cancel pending refund) in our API reference.

    The user journey for card payments

    Payment Flow

    Payment Functionalities

    This is a summary table of the compatibilities and potential limitations of the payment method with the services provided by Nexi XPay:

    Minimum amountNo limit
    Maximum amountNo limit
    Card verification
    Maximum preuthorization period27 days
    Implicit accounting
    Explicit accounting

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