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    The Nexi XPay payment extension for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, allows you to integrate the XPay payment gateway without further implementation on your site.


    The Nexi XPay payment extension for Salesforce Commerce Cloud manages the transfer of the customer from your E-commerce site to the Nexi secure environment.

    The customer stays on your E-commerce site until checkout, then is redirected to the XPay gateway to make the payment.

    Nexi XPay checkout supports most popular payment methods.

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    From the following link you can view the installation guide, configure the Plug In and download the integration manual: Market Place Salesforce.


    For information about installation, contact XPay support.


    Here are the instructions to correctly configure the Nexi XPay plugin:

    1. Log into the BigCommerce administration panel.
    2. In the left menu, click on Settings.
    3. On the new page, click on Payments.
    4. Look for the Additional Providers section, find Nexi, and click on the Configure button.
    5. Proceed with the configuration of the module:
    API KeyCode required for communication with the XPay gateway. To obtain this data for the production or test environment, follow the instructions in the following paragraph Test and production
    3D secure 2The new 3D Secure 2 protocol adopted by the main international circuits (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), introduces new authentication methods, capable of improving and speeding up the cardholder's shopping experience.
    Enable TEST modeEnable test mode: register in the test area to receive your credentials. Test credentials can be found in the Test area section.

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