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    Direct banks

    This article gives an overview of available banks and their functionality

    Direct banks - integration

    Direct banks are alternative payment methods. If you want to accept direct banks, you need to sign the necessary agreements with them and add the credentials to your Netaxept Admin Account.

    Finnish direct bank payments via Paytrail Instead of signing bilateral agreements with Finnish banks, i.e. signing agreement directly with each particular Finnish bank, you can implement Finnish direct bank payments via Netaxept also with only one agreement, one API integration and one payout containing all direct bank payments. This service is called Collecting Settlement Service, and it is offered by Paytrail – the Finnish licensed payment institution that provides online payment services to eCommerce merchants and is part of the Nets group. Read more about direct bank payments via Paytrail from the Getting Started Guide.

    European direct bank payments via SOFORT Netaxept also supports SOFORT, an operator that is connected to most banks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Italy. If you want to offer your customers the opportunity to pay with these banks' direct bank payments, sign the agreement with SOFORT and activate “SofortBanking” as a payment method in Netaxept Admin. SOFORT supports both partial and full credits in production.

    Supported Direct banks - Functionalities

    Direct banks that are supported by Netaxept at each time are listed below. Also, below you can find information whether the direct bank in question support credit function in Netaxept's production and/or test environments. It should be noted that some banks don’t support credits and/or queries if the merchant doesn't have settlement accounts in these banks. In addition, not all banks support credit function in their test environment although the corresponding function is working in production environment.

    Swedish banks

    Bank nameName in APISupports credit in productionSupports credit in test
    Danske BankSwedishBankDanskeBank

    Finnish banks

    Bank nameName in APISupports credit in productionSupports credit in test
    OP Will be discontinuedFinishBankOp
    OP New API integrationOPBankFinland
    POP PankkiFinishBankPopPankki
    Oma SäästöpankkiFinishBankOmaSaastopankki
    Danske BankFinishBankSampo

    Baltic banks

    Bank nameName in APISupports credit in productionSupports credit in test
    Luminor Bank EstoniaEstonianBankLuminor
    SEB EstoniaEstonianBankSEB
    SEB LatviaLatvianBankSEB
    SEB LithuaniaLithuanianBankSEB
    Swedbank EstoniaEstonianBankSwedbank
    Swedbank LatviaLatvianBankSwedbank
    Swedbank LithuaniaLithuanianBankSwedbank
    DNB LatviaLatvianBankDnb
    DNB LithuaniaLithuanianBankDnb

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