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    Payment methods

    This section provides information about different payment methods supported by Netaxept and gives instructions on how to implement them.

    Before you start

    Ensure that you are familiar with how a payment flow works and how a payment can be processed. For more information, refer to Process payments.


    Netaxept supports a wide range of payment methods through a single integration. This ranges from:

    You can find more in-depth information including countries, currencies, testing, and functionality etc in the dedicated payment method sections.

    Get third party's agreements and credentials

    To be able to use new payment methods through Netaxept, you need to sign an agreement with each payment method provider you want to use.

    After the chosen provider has processed your agreement, they will provide you credentials which you need to enter to Netaxept Admin to activate the payment method in question. It is your responsibility to activate these payment methods in Netaxept Admin so please make sure all information entered is correct.

    Activate payment methods for your account

    Here is how to activate additional payment methods in Netaxept Admin:

    • Log in to Netaxept Admin with your Netaxept credentials (test or production)
    • Find the Agreement tab under Options.
    • Choose the correct payment method from the drop down list and click "Add".
    • Choose the correct currency and enter the third party's credentials. The number of credentials varies between different providers, as does the terminology.
    • Save your changes by clicking "Add".

    Integrate payment methods

    The payment method specific pages described in this section will walk you through all the information you need to know in terms of integration, from payment flow and features to implementation details.

    Supported payment methods

    SEPA Direct Debit A2ADE
    VisaCardsDK, FI, NO, SE
    CardsDK, FI, NO, SE
    American Express
    CardsDK, FI, NO, SE
    Paytrail Direct banks
    Direct banks
    MobilePay WalletsDK, FI
    Vipps WalletsNO

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