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    Suggested actions on SCA compliance

    To comply with PSD2 SCA and ensure that your user's payment experience is not negatively impacted, check the following steps and make the needed adjustments to your payment flow.

    Activate 3D Secure for your webshop

    Activate 3D Secure (or equivalent) authentication for your online business (browser as well as mobile applications), if you haven't already.

    From the 1st of January 2021, card payments made online in the European Economic Area (EEA) without 3D Secure (or equivalent) are likely to be declined by card issuers. Contact your country`s Netaxept Customer Support for activation.

    Optimize your payment flow to comply with SCA

    Make sure your payment flow redirects the consumer to SCA when relevant. This might require changes to your integration.

    • Customer vs. merchant initiated transactions: Identify whether your transaction are in-scope or out-of-scope, and ensure you flag them correctly and pass the relevant parameters to Netaxept to get SCA triggered for the relevant part of the payment flow.
    • SCA exemptions: If you conclude certain SCA exemption would be relevant for you to reduce friction in your payment flow, ensure you pass the relevant parameters to Netaxept to get us notified you wish to bypass SCA for the transaction. Note that the SCA exemption is not guaranteed since the card issuer ultimately decides on approvals and declines of transactions so you need to be prepared for soft decline.

    Prepare for soft decline: If the card issuer soft declines your transaction, ensure you have implemented the soft decline functionality to get the consumer redirected to 3D Secure (or equivalent) authentication.

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