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    This page outlines the basics of using TWINT via Netaxept and gives you instructions needed for a successful implementation.

    TWINT prerequisites

    In order to be able to successfully implement TWINT, you will require the following:


    TWINT is the most frequently used mobile wallet in Switzerland. It can be used both in physical and online stores. To be able to use TWINT, customers need a Swiss bank account or a credit card. This innovative payment method is supported by most Swiss banks. E-commerce payments are verified via a single-use QR Code or token.

    Please note that the integration of TWINT as a payment method is presently in its pilot phase. If you express interest in implementing this payment option, please reach out to our customer Support for further assistance.

    Features and Restrictions

    1. Features available for online stores: additional paid payment method and included in Start, Advanced and Premium service packages.

    2. Supported payment currency: CHF.

    3. Recurring payments: not supported.

    4. Safety: customer data needed for online shopping via Twint is stored safely and following the PCI DSS requirements (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

    5. Payments done via the TWINT app are considered and processed as regular payments, and as such, all the same rules and possibilities apply. For example:

    • Payments should be captured when the order is shipped.
    • TWINT authorizations are valid in the same length as the regular ones.
    • The same liability shift rules apply as with regular payments.

    6. After the Terminal call: Netaxept processes an auto-auth process call for the TWINT payment method.

    7. TransactionReconRef:

    • It is a mandatory value for Authorize, Capture, Sale, and Refund operations.
    • A ReconRref is sent during the Authorize call and the same should be sent while performing the Capture call.

    8. Type of capture: TWINT only allows one capture. It can be a partial amount or a full amount. Netaxept will throw an error as “Capture is allowed only once” if the second capture call is performed for a partial amount.


    You can set up TWINT through the Netaxept Admin Portal. In this portal, you will be able to activate the payment method and ensure that all information entered is correct.

    The following steps will lead you through the activation process:

    • Log in to the Netaxept Admin by using your merchant ID and login password. These the required links:

    • Go to Options > Agreement page.

    • Select Twint from the drop-down list and click Add.

    • Select CHF in the Currency section.

    • Enter the Merchant ID.

    • Click Save.


    These are the needed requirements for the API integration between Netaxept and TWINT:

    • If Payment method action list or Payment method list are used in the Register call, then the TWINT payment method name needs to be added inside the element. This element is used if the payment method is selected on your online store site or if you want to define the order of the payment methods shown in the Netaxept payment terminal.
    • Netaxept runs an automatic authorization for payments done via TWINT Online. For that reason, you should confirm through a Query API call that the authorization is successful. After that, you should capture the payment by doing a Process (CAPTURE) call. Also, you can cancel the authorization by doing a Process (ANNUL) call if the purchase was cancelled before capturing the payment.
    • If you prefer to perform a direct Sale transaction, then the AutoSale=True parameter should be included in the Register call. Refer to our Netaxept API integration documentation for more details.
    • Both full and partial refunds are supported.
    • TWINT is not supported in the Single page terminal.
    • TWINT Online can be tested in the test environment.

    Payment Flow

    Please note that for a successful payment flow, your customers should already have the TWINT app on their mobile phones so that they would be able to use it for online shopping.

    Transaction Register via Netaxept

    1. Once a customer moves to the payment phase of their online shopping process, the Register call is sent to Netaxept. Depending on your technical API implementation, the payment method will be selected either in your online store site or in the Netaxept payment terminal.

    • Online store: If the customer chooses the payment method in your online store site, then the Twint parameter has to be included in the Payment method action list element in the Register call.

    • Netaxept payment terminal: If the payment method is selected in the Netaxept payment terminal, the Twint option is shown on the Terminal page, together with the other payment methods.

    2. After choosing TWINT, Netaxept forwards the payment to the TWINT site. There, the customer is asked to scan a QR code via the TWINT app installed on their mobile phone.

    TWINT QR code

    3. The customer opens the TWINT app from their mobile phone by entering the app password and scanning the generated QR code.

    4. The customer approves the transaction request in order to be redirected to the Merchant URL.

    Transaction details in the Netaxept Merchant Portal

    5. During the approval process, Netaxept automatically authorizes each payment. You can view the authorized Transactions in your Netaxept Merchant Login portal: Netaxept Merchant login > Transaction page > Transaction details

    6. Once the order is shipped, you need to capture the payment either via the Netaxept API by doing the Process (CAPTURE) call, or manually via Netaxept Admin. You can see the transaction status colour bar turned green during the Post-capture Process call. Please note that the Capture call is allowed only once.

    7. After the capture is done, the order amount is withdrawn from the buyer's TWINT account and settled into your company's account.

    8. In case you prefer to refund the transaction, the transaction needs to be credited via the Netaxept API by doing the Process (CREDIT) call, or it can be done manually, via Netaxept Admin. You can see the transaction status colour bar turned pink in the Post-credit Process call.

    9. In case of a cancelled transaction, perform transaction cancellation via the Netaxept API by doing the Process (ANNUL) call, or manually, via Netaxept Admin. You can see the transaction status colour bar turned red, in the Post-Annul Process call.

    10. You can see the transaction history in the Netaxept Merchant portal.

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