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    Nets prepaid

    This page outlines the basics of using Nets prepaid card via Netaxept and gives you the instructions needed for a successful implementation.


    Nets prepaid is a Gift Card type of payment method, offering purchases and payments online or in-store by using funds that have already been stored onto the card.

    Nets Prepaid Card is a card storing a certain amount of money for customers to pay for purchases at your webshop. When activated, your customers can pay with the prepaid cards.

    Nets prepaid card can be used at Nets payment terminals and Netaxept enabled webshop.

    For webshop, Nets prepaid card is an additional paid payment method and included in Start, Advanced, and Premium service packages.

    Stored credential payments are not supported for Nets prepaid cards. However, it is supported for other card scheme used to pay the remaining amount during a split payment.


    Payment typeGift card
    CurrenciesDKK, EUR, NOK, SEK
    CountriesDK, FI, NO, SE
    Partial refund
    Update order
    Cancel payment
    Reservation & charge


    Nets handles the activation of prepaid card payment method and no additional requirements are neccessary.

    User journey

    This section describes the customer journey when paying full amount with one transaction as well as with split transactions.

    One transaction

    1. When your customer chooses "Prepaid card" as a payment method and click "Next".
    2. Customer needs to enter the card details and click "Pay".

    Ensure that Prepaid card has amount more than the transaction amount.

    Split transactions

    To use the split transactions, customer must select "Prepaid card" to begin the transaction.

    1. When your customer chooses "Prepaid card" as a payment method and click on "Next".

    2. Customer needs to enter the card details and click "Pay". A new window will pop up with the balance on the prepaid card.

    3. Click "Next" and select a payment method to continue with paying remaining amount of the transaction.

      You can select "Prepaid card" or any other card payment method from the list to continue paying the transaction.

    4. Click "Next" and enter the card details.

    5. Click "Pay". If the transaction amount is still higher than the card balance, you need to continue to add more cards as done from step 3 until the remaining amount is paid.

    Payment flow

    The payment flow in general follows the sequence of steps as described in the payment flow outline section.

    With Nets prepaid card, customers can pay the required amount with one transaction or split transactions.

    One transaction

    If the transaction amount is less than the card balance, customer needs to click on the "Pay" and the transaction will be completed.

    Register call

    When the customer is shopping online and is moving to the payment phase, send the Register call to Netaxept. Depending on your technical API implementation, the payment method will be selected either on your webshop site or on the Netaxept payment window.

    • If the customer chooses the payment method on your webshop site, include the NetsPrepaidCard parameter in Register call Payment method action list element.
    • If the payment method is selected on the Netaxept payment window, the Prepaid card option is displayed in the payment window together with your other supported payment methods.

    Terminal call

    After the successful Register call, perform the Terminal call to send the customer to the Netaxept payment window.

    Customer needs to choose prepaid card as payment method and enter the card details, the Netaxept then checks the card balance from the prepaid backend system and displays it on the payment window.

    Process call

    After the Terminal phase, perform the Process (SALE) call to debit the amount from the prepaid card.

    Once the amount is fully paid, the Terminal call response will be OK.

    If you need to cancel the authorized transaction, perform Process (ANNUL) call.

    Even though Prepaid card is expected to be supported only in the single page terminal mode (like any other card), that is not the case. Other types of cards only have the possibility of using the single page terminal mode, but Prepaid card is not supported in the single page terminal mode. For more information, please visit the Payment window modes page.

    Split transactions

    Your customers can pay their single purchase with one or more prepaid cards and one payment card.

    The prepaid cards must be used first.

    If the transaction amount is higher than the card balance, then the payment window will prompt a message to use another payment method to pay the remaining amount. This is called split transaction, where your customer can pay with more than one payment method.

    The Netaxept payment window shows how much money your customers have on their prepaid card. If the prepaid card balance is less than the transaction amount, the payment window will prompt a message and the remaining amount can be paid by using another additional payment method after clicking "Next" in the payment window. The back up payment method can be another prepaid card or a payment card.

    After your customers have chosen their second card, they are directed again to the payment window to enter the card details. If the second payment option is a prepaid card as well and its balance is still not sufficient, these steps are repeated: the process will continue as described above.

    Once the remaining amount is fully paid, the Terminal call response will be OK. After this, you need to perform the Process(SALE) call which will process all the split transactions created during the Terminal call phase.

    You can view the split transaction details in the Netaxept Admin portal by clicking the prepaid logo to see the child transactions. Click the History tab to see the transaction amounts for child transactions.

    You can also run the Query call to fetch the child transaction details.


    Nets configures the test environment according to your country, please contact Netaxept customer support.

    Get balance

    In this section, we will explore the scenario in which you wish to make the card balance feature visible. In that case, you can use the GetBalance API and select the mandatory balance option. That way, the card balance option is displayed.

    These are the mandatory parameters for the GetBalance API:

    • merchantId
    • Token
    • CurrencyCode
    • Securitycode
    • Cardnumber
    • Cardtype

    An example transaction would look like this.

    Settlements and pricing

    Settlement batch and identification

    Payments done with prepaid cards will be processed as regular card payments in Netaxept, and therefore they will be included in the same settlement batch files as the other card payments. The timeframe when the money is settled will be the same as for regular card payments.

    Transaction paid with prepaid can be identified in Netaxept Admin Transaction list and De- tails page, and in Query API call. It is possible to fetch reports and search payments in "Advanced transaction search" section as well.


    Fees are applicable only for payments done in Netaxept production environment, not in Netaxept test environment. Payments done with prepaid card are considered as regular card payments, also the acquiring prices remain the same.

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