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    Paytrail Direct banks

    This page outlines the basics of using Paytrail via Netaxept and gives you instructions needed for a successful implementation.

    Before you start

    Instead of signing bilateral agreements with banks (i.e. signing agreements directly with each bank), you can implement direct bank payments via Netaxept with just one agreement, one API integration and one payout containing all direct bank payments. This service is offered by Paytrail – the Finnish licensed payment institution that provides online payment services to eCommerce merchants and is part of the Nets group.

    Currently the supported payment methods are the Finnish direct bank payments: Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, OP, POP Pankki, S-Pankki, Säästöpankki and Ålandsbanken.

    Before you start integrating and accepting direct bank payments via Paytrail, you need to sign an agreement with Paytrail and activate the payment options in your Netaxept Admin Account.


    Paytrail is a Direct Bank payment method that supports secure online payments, offering a choice of different online payment methods used in Finland. This is a direct payment functionality used for online shops or services that enables integration with Netaxept.

    It is possible to start using Finnish direct bank payments only by signing one agreement concerning direct bank payments and making only one API integration. With this model, only one payout is received from a single payment service provider, regardless of the direct bank used.


    Payment type
    Direct banks
    Partial refund
    Cancel payment
    Direct charge

    User journey

    Generally, the user journey follows the flow of the regular direct bank payments. The main difference is that Paytrail acts as the payment service provider of these direct bank payments. Due to this, the customer will see Paytrail as the recipient of the payment in their online bank during the payment. Also, they receive the payment confirmation by email from Paytrail after the successful payment.

    All funds are handled via Paytrail so you get the payout from Paytrail. The amount debited from the customer´s bank account is transferred to Paytrail´s bank account, and within the agreed settlement period, Paytrail compiles all your direct bank transactions into a single settlement file and settles it to your bank account.

    Payment flow

    Generally, the payment flow follows the sequence of steps as described in the payment flow outline section. The main difference is that with the Terminal call’s status=OK reply, Netaxept triggers an AutoSale to process the transaction.

    The Process(Credit) call works similar to Process(Credit) for regular card payments. All banks via Paytrail support both full and partial refunds in production and test environment. Other operations are not supported for Paytrail direct banks.

    For direct banks via Paytrail, there are a few additional parameters you need to send along the Register call (see below). Also, if the customers choose the payment method on your website, you need to send the payment method name in paymentMethodActionList parameter as described in the [payment methods section][/netaxept/locale/api/#payment-methods], to indicate the selected payment method.

    Transaction identifiers for search and reconciliation purposes

    The main transaction identifier between your system, Netaxept and Paytrail is the order number which can be sent in the Register call's orderNumber parameter. It is recommended to generate unique order number for each transaction so that you can search, map and reconcile your Paytrail direct bank transactions between different systems. The order number you send to Netaxept is mapped to “Merchant reference number” at Paytrail side.

    Another unique identifier for your transactions is “Paytrail reference number”. It is generated by Paytrail and you can find it from Query response´s authorizationID parameter. The customer will see it on their bank account and in payment confirmation email.

    Other identifiers commonly used in card payments (Transaction ID and Transaction reference number) are not forwarded to Paytrail and thus cannot be used for search or reconcile purposes between systems.

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