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    Invoices - List

    This article gives an overview of available invoices

    Before you start

    Before you start accepting invoice payments, you need to sign an agreement with the relevant provider and activate that payment option in your Netaxept Admin Account.

    Functionality per Invoice

    Payment methodPayment method name in APIAUTHCAPTURESALECREDITANNULVERIFY
    Walley invoiceCollectorDone automatically by Netaxept
    Walley B2C invoice with Walley hosted terminal - In pilot! Use for selected merchantsWalleyB2CDone automatically by Netaxept
    Walley invoice B2B invoice with Walley hosted terminal In pilot use for selected merchantsWalleyB2BDone automatically by Netaxept
    Walley instalmentCollectorInstallmentDone automatically by Netaxept
    Klarna invoiceDiscontinued as of October 1st, 2020 Klarna
    Klarna instalment Discontinued as of October 1st, 2020KlarnaInstallment
    Riverty invoice Will be discontinuedGothiaInvoice
    Riverty instalment Will be discontinuedGothiaInstallmentYES
    Riverty New payment methodRivertyDone automatically by Netaxept
    Enterpay B-to-B invoiceEnterpayDone automatically by Netaxept (either Auth or Sale done automatically)Done automatically by Netaxept

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