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    Card Account Updater

    Netaxept Card Account Updater enables you to update saved cards and maximize the authorization rate without any interaction with your consumers.

    Before you start

    Please note that at the moment this feature is only available in pilot.

    You need to have an ongoing Nets acquiring service in place to activate this feature. Contact your local sales department at Nets for further details.


    Having your customers' cards expire can cause considerable friction. The usual procedure implies that you need to remind your consumer to update their card by manually registering the new card so that they would be able to continue using your services.

    However, with our Account Updater, you can automatically update Visa, Mastercard and Dankort cards and continue to charge the same tokens without any interaction with the customer.

    This service increases the authorisation rate for all the Card on File Framework use cases. Every time a customer saves their card details on your website, either for future in-session purchases, subscriptions or Unscheduled Card on File transactions, you will benefit from ensuring that the saved card data is up-to-date at all times.

    These are the steps required for you to enable the automatic update of saved shopper card details via Account Updater:

    1. Send an API call with the list of tokens to be checked and updated.
    2. Use our API to make sure the update has been successfully performed.
    3. Use the same tokens you have already saved to charge for future purchases.

    We will return new masked card numbers and/or expiry dates for you to update your records and show the correct details to your customers.

    It could take up to 2 days for Visa, Mastercard and Dankort to return updated card details, so we suggest running the batch Account Updater at least 3 days before the expected charge.

    Create Inquiry

    To access and start using the Account Updater service, you need to get API credentials and read the API Reference.

    The first step in initiating an inquiry is sending a POST request to the /inquiries endpoint. The request should consist of a list containing valid Netaxept payment tokens. If the amount of tokens that you need to check for updates exceeds 1000, we recommend splitting the data into multiple inquiries containing not more than 1000 entries each.

    Below you can see an example request payload:

    POST Inquiry Request

      "inquiries": [
          "token": "token_ref_1"

    As a result of a successful POST request, you will receive a response containing an id that you'll need to store and use for fetching inquiry information later on, as in the example:

    POST Inquiry Response

      "id": "inquiry_unique_ref_123",
      "inquiries": [

    Get Inquiry Result

    Once the inquiry is created, you will have to wait for some time until the result is ready and all payment tokens are updated with all the potentially renewed or replaced card information. Our recommendation is to start checking for results a day after creating the inquiry.

    Fetching the inquiry result information is achieved by using the GET request sent to /inquiries/{inquiryId} endpoint. The inquiryId that you need to use is the one generated as a result of a successful POST request, as described in the Create Inquiry section.

    In case the result is not ready, you will receive a response similar to the one below:

    GET Inquiry Response with status "In Progress"

      "id": "inquiry_unique_ref_123",
      "status": "InProgress"

    When processing is done all the card updates are received and handled in our system, you will get a response similar to the one in the example:

    GET Inquiry Response with status "Completed"

      "id": "inquiry_unique_ref_123",
      "status": "Completed",
      "inquiries": [

    Once the inquiry is in status Completed, all the replaced and renewed card accounts will already have been updated in our system. That way, you will be able to continue charging as before and use the same payment token references.

    Inquiry statuses

    Overall inquiry statuses

    InProgressInquiry is being processed.
    CompletedInquiry processing is completed.
    FailedTechnical error occurred while trying to process the inquiry.

    Card account statuses

    ActiveCard account is still active.
    ClosedCard account is closed and no information for any updates is available.
    RenewedCard account is updated with a new expiry date, PAN is unchanged.
    ReplacedCard account is fully replaced - new PAN and expiry date.
    UnknownCard account is not participating in the account updater service.
    ContactCardHolderCard account was updated but the cardholder requested their issuer not to share any information. (In cases of potential fraud, stolen card, etc.)
    FailedTechnical problem occurred during the update process of the card account.

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