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    Unified Settlement Report


    The Unified Settlement Report is a comma separated file format (CSV). that maps multiple settlement reports from external processors (e.g. PayPal, Concardis, SEPA, ...) into one unified format for all payment methods and processors. This simplifies the reconciliation processes for merchants as they only have to handle one file format.

    There will be separate Unified Settlement Report files on a processor level to ensure that merchants can directly start the reconciliation process, rather than waiting a full day until all settlement files from the various processors are collected and can be reported within one file.

    The files will be generated on a daily base in case the processor offers a daily settlement reporting.

    Formatting Instructions

    We distinguish between alphanumeric (AN) and numeric (N) parameters within the Unified Settlement Report.

    Parameter TypesDescriptionSample
    AN - CurrencyISO 4217 - A3 currency codeEUR
    AN - RestAlphanumeric values comming from the Payengine will follow the format restrictions defined by the Payengine API. Alphanumeric values received from the processors will just be forwarded as they are.
    N - AmountsAmount parameters will use the . as a decimal separator and can include as much decimal places as supported by the currency and provided by the processor. There is no separate credit/debit sign, negative settlement amounts will include a --10.25N
    N - DatesDate parameter will follow the format DDMMYYYY15012019

    Even if there is a predefined Unified Settlement Report format the content of the file may differ based on the payment method or processor.

    This means that not all transaction types will be supported for all methods/processors but also that not all parameters will always be populated.

    Specific instructions and mappings can be found in the corresponding subsections for the methods/processors including some samples.

    Settlement Details Record

    Field 1 - 8

    Field NoField NameDescriptionTypeSample
    1Record TypeThe record type, hardcoded to 'sett_dtl' for settlement detailsANsett_dtl
    2Merchant IdThe Payengine merchantIdANMerchant-000cf2c9-66fe-4730-ac9e
    3Source File IdPayengine identifier of source settlement fileANjgrwsntrjt
    4Payment MethodThe payment method, e.g. card, paypal, sepaANpaypal
    5Payment BrandThe payment brand, e.g. visa, mastercardANpaypal
    6Order IdThe Payengine orderIdANauap9iftmn
    7Transaction IdThe Payengine transactionIdANtransaction_jgrwsntrjt
    8Merchant ReferenceThe Payengine merchantOrderId provided by the merchantAN1234567890
    Field 9

    Field Name: Type Type: AN Sample: settlement

    Type (Field Name: type)Description
    settlementsuccessfully settled captures and debits
    rejecttechnically rejected capture, debit or refund request by the acquirer, rejects do not have any impact on the payout
    refundsuccessfully settled refunds
    disputedisputed settlements, can have positive or negative impact on balance depending if they are hold or released
    chargebackchargeback information in case of fraudulant transactions
    chargeback_reversala reversal of a chargeback
    adjustmentadjustments on the merchant account
    feeseparate fees that cannot be associated directly to any other transaction type
    vatseparate VAT or tax that cannot be associated directly to any other transaction type

    Field 10 - 31

    10Transaction DateOriginal transaction date of the capture/debit transaction, format DDMMYYYYN20082018
    11Transaction CurrencyOriginal transaction currency of the capture/debit transaction (ISO 4217)ANGBP
    12Transaction AmountOriginal transaction amount of the capture/debit transaction, including sign, decimal places will be split by ., e.g. 15.99N180.00
    13Settlement DateDate when funds are settled to the merchant account, format DDMMYYYY. For methods where an acquirer is involved the settlement date doesn't necessarily has to be the actual payment dateN23082018
    14Settlement CurrencyCurrency of the settlement (ISO 4217)ANEUR
    15Settlement Gross AmountGross amount in settlement currencyN200.00
    16Settlement Net AmountNet amount in settlement currencyN198.12
    17Settlement Fx RateExchange rate in case transaction and settlement currency differN0.9
    18CommissionThe commission fee that was withheld by the acquirer/processor. Cards: If the acquirer provides the transaction information at interchange level we the fee details will be available in the separate fields for: Aqcuirer Service Fee, Scheme Fees, Interchange N-1.88

    Processor Specific Instructions

    As the Unified Settlement Report is based on a generic format covering multiple payment methods not all of the parameters are applicable for each method and processor. The table below will give an overview which parameters can be expected for which processor. Additionally the following subsections will explain specific mappings on a processor level.

    Field NoParameter typesConcardisPayPalPPROPrepaymentSEPA
    1Record Typeyesyesyesyesyes
    2Merchant Idyesyesyesyesyes
    3Source File Idyesyesyesyesyes
    4Payment Methodyesyesyes *1yesyes
    5Payment Brandyes *1yesyes *1yesyes
    6Order Idyes *1yes *1yes *1yesyes *1
    7Transaction Idyes *1yes *1yes *1yesyes *1
    8Merchant Referenceyes *1yes *1yes *1yesyes *1
    1. only transaction level / 2) availability depending on agreed pricing model / 3) PPRO: only for type=fee / 4) PPRO: only for type=chargeback / 5) PPRO: only for type=clearing / 6) SEPA: only for type=settlement & reject


    Supported Types

    The following transaction types will be supported:

    • settlement
    • refund
    • chargeback
    • adjustment
    • fee
    • unknown

    Payment Method & Brand

    The following payment method and brand values will be supported:

    Parameter methodPayment brandDescription
    carddinersDiners settlement information
    carddiscoverDiscover settlement information
    cardjcbJCB settlement information
    cardmaestroMaestro settlement information
    cardmastercardMastercard settlement information
    cardvisaVisa settlement information
    cardvisaelectronVisa Electron settlement information
    cardemptyIn case of aggregated or non transaction related records, e.g. fee, there won’t be any brand associated and the field will be empty.

    Special Mapping

    Payment Provider Merchant IdVP Number
    Payment Provider ReferenceGUID of transaction
    Payment Provider Additional Reference 1Acquirer Reference Number (ARN)
    Payment Provider Settlement Batch IdGUID Settlement


    Supported Types

    The following transaction types will be supported:

    • settlement
    • refund
    • dispute
    • chargeback
    • adjustment
    • fee
    • clearing
    • unknown

    Payment Method & Brand

    Concardis Samples

    Parameter methodPayment brandDescription
    paypalpaypalPayPal settlement information

    Special Mapping

    Payment Provider Merchant IdPayPal: Account ID
    Payment Provider ReferencePayPal: Transaction ID
    Payment Provider Additional Reference 1PayPal: Reference ID
    Payment Provider Reason CodePayPal: Transaction Event Code

    PayPal Samples



    Supported Types

    The following transaction types will be supported:

    settlement refund chargeback fee clearing holdback unknown

    Parameter methodPayment brandDescription
    alipayalipayAlipay settlement information
    bancontactbancontactBancontact settlement information
    idealidealiDEAL settlement information
    wechat-paywechat-payWeChat Pay settlement information
    unknownunknownOnly in case there is a transaction for an unknown payment method in the file. This should usually never happen!
    emptyemptyIn case of aggregated or non transaction related records, e.g. clearing, there won’t be any method or brand associated and the fields will be empty.

    Special Mapping

    Parameter TypesDescription
    Payment Provider Merchant IdPPRO: Merchant ID
    Payment Provider ReferencePPRO: Transaction ID, Only provided for type=settlement, refund, chargeback
    Payment Provider Additional Reference 1PPRO: Event Type, Only provided for type=settlement, refund, chargeback
    Payment Provider Additional Reference 2PPRO: Fee Type, Only provided for type=fee
    Payment Provider Reason DescriptionPPRO: Chargeback Reason, Only provided for type=chargeback

    PPRO - Sample



    Supported Types

    The following transaction types will be supported:

    • settlement

    Payment Method & Brand

    The following payment method and brand values will be supported:

    Parameter methodPayment brandDescription
    prepaymentprepaymentprepayment settlement information

    Special Mapping

    Parameter TypesDescription
    Payment Provider ReferencePayment descriptor (Verwendungszweck)
    Payment DateValue date

    Prepayment - Sample


    SEPA Direct Debit

    SEPA direct debits will be collected through an Concardis owned bank account and from there paid out to the merchant. The collection and the payouts will be done on a daily base (bank working days), however all payouts will be done based on a merchant specific configured delay.

    Any incoming rejects will be subtracted from the payout amount.


    T+0* SEPA direct debits transactions are sent to the Payengine T+1: SEPA direct debit funds will be collected via a daily batch T+2: bank statement received including successfully processed and rejected SEPA direct debit payments T+10: the funds received on T+2 will be paid out as a bulk payment to the merchant

    • "T+0" means transaction day + 0 days

    Any chargebacks that the Payengine receives after the corresponding collected funds have been paid out to the merchant already will be charged in a bulk at the end of the month including the bank fees.

    Additionally all bank fees related to rejects will also be charged at the end of the month together with the chargebacks. The bank fees won't be deducted from the payout amount!

    Supported Types

    As we have two different money flows (1: direct debit collection & payout, 2: chargebacks & bank fees) these signals will be presented in separate files.

    unified-sepa-dd-[merchantId]-[date].csv unified-sepa-chargeback-[merchantId]-[date].csv

    Transaction TypeDescription
    settlementsuccessfully funded SEPA direct debit transaction to Concardis
    rejectrejected SEPA direct debit transaction
    clearinginstruction about the bulk payout to the merchant
    chargebackSEPA chargeback transaction
    feefee transaction associated to a rejected SEPA direct debit transaction
    Parameter methodPayment brandDescription
    sepasepaSEPA settlement information

    Special Mapping

    CommissionBank fees for rejected direct debit transactions, only applicable for type=chargeback
    Payment Provider Merchant IdMerchant Number
    Payment Provider ReferenceEndToEndId for the direct debit transaction, not applicable for type=clearing
    Payment Provider Additional Reference 1Mandate ID, not applicable for type=clearing
    Payment Provider Settlement Batch IdEndToEndId for merchant payout, only applicable for type=settlement & clearing
    Payment Provider Reason CodeSEPA Return Reason Code
    Payment Provider Reason DescriptionSEPA Return Additional Info
    Payment Datethe calculated date of the payout (based on configured delay), only applicable for type=settlement

    Further Notes:

    • The transaction types settlement & reject won't include any bank fee information in the unified settlement.
    • For chargeback transactions the Settlement Gross Amount will contain the actual amount charged back and the Commission field will contain all the corresponding bank fees
    • All fee transactions will include the Payengine details pointing to the corresponding reject transaction and the Settlement Gross Amount will contain the actual bank fee amount.

    SEPA Direct Debit - Sample - unified-sepa-dd-[merchantId]-[date].csv:


    SEPA Direct Debit - Sample - unified-sepa-chargeback-[merchantId]-[date].csv:

      sett_dtl,merchant_qxx92nloob,settlementdata_s0rt37hdv0,sepa,sepa,24eopplgis,transaction_8dxypvlqnd,merchantOrderId1545142410,chargeback,24102019,EUR,19.5,22112019,EUR,-19.5,,,,,,,,5833904,7b15e2c064414d46ba55829,mandateId1645224329,,,MD06,Disputed authorized transaction,,

    SEPA Refunds (Pre-funded)

    There is an optional feature to support automated refund processing via the Payengine. In order to use the feature a merchant needs provide a SEPA B2B mandate to Concardis that the Payengine can collect the funds from a merchant account once a refund request comes in. Once the funds from the merchant are available on the Concardis bank account, the Payengine will trigger the payout/refund to the merchant's end customer. As this is a different money flow compared to the standard SEPA processing the Payengine will provide a separate unified settlement report for the pre-funded refund functionality.

    • unified-sepa-refund-[merchantId]-[date].csv

    The unified settlement file for the pre-funded refund feature only includes the signals that affect the money flow between the merchant's bank account and the Concardis bank account.

    Supported Types

    The following transaction types will be supported:

    Settlement File Type:

    Transaction TypeDescription
    successful pre-funding for outgoing refunds on transaction level
    (collected via SEPA B2B bulk direct debit)
    prefunding_failurefailed pre-funding for outgoing refunds on transaction level
    (collected via SEPA B2B bulk direct debit)
    refundsuccessful payout/refund transaction to end customer
    rejectrejected payout/refund transaction to end customer

    SEPA Refunds (Pre-funded) - Sample


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