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    Cut-Off Manual Bookings Report


    The cut-off manual bookings report lists all transactions and the corresponding totals for a specified period of time (in days) that have been manually generated by a Merchant Center user. The report helps agents identify all manual transactions, triggered during the shift of the user in order to enter them into the merchant's booking system or do some reconciliation. It only includes payment transactions with a financial impact with one of the following statuses:

    • Captured
    • Debited
    • Refunded
    • Credited

    The report can be generated via the Merchant Center and exported in an Excel file.

    Report Content and Format

    The report data is exported in an Excel file and the content is split into three different sections:

    • Header section
    • Transaction section
    • Summary section

    Header Section

    The header section includes general information about the user, the report dates, and the merchant account.

    It contains the following information:

    UserThe user that created the transactions and the corresponding report.
    Creation TimeThe creation timestamp when this report was generated.
    Report Date FromThe start date of the affected transactions in the report (creation date of the transactions).
    Report Date ToThe end date of the affected transactions in the report. (creation date of the transactions)
    It can be the same value as the start date if this is an export for one day.
    Merchant IDThe Payengine merchantId value for the account.
    Merchant NameThe associated merchant name for the Payengine merchantId.

    Transaction Section

    The transaction section includes all transactions, manually created by the user.

    It lists of all transactions including the following parameters:

    Order IDThe Payengine orderId.
    Merchant Order IDThe merchantOrderId.
    TimeThe timestamp when the transaction was generated.
    StatusThe status of the transaction, supported values:
    • Debited
    • Captured
    • Refunded
    • Credited
    AmountThe amount of the transaction.
    CurrencyThe currency of the transaction, ISO 4217 A3.
    The payment method used.
    For cards the field will include the actual card brand, for example:
    • Mastercard
    • Visa
    • AmEx
    • Diners
    • JCB
    • Maestro
    Account OwnerOnly applicable for cards and SEPA, if available.
    Cards: the cardholder
    SEPA: the account holder

    Summary Section

    The summary section contains the counts and total amounts on a payment method level, matching the transaction list details:

    CountThe count of all transactions per method.
    AmountThe total amount per method.
    CurrencyThe currency per total amount, ISO 4217 A3.
    MethodThe payment method used.
    For cards the field will include the actual card brand, for example:
    • Mastercard
    • Visa
    • AmEx
    • Diners
    • JCB
    • Maestro

    Report Creation

    The report can only be generated and listed on behalf of the Merchant Center user who creates them.

    To generate a cut-off report via the Merchant Center:

    • Go to REPORTS → CUT-OFF menu.
    • Select a start and an end report date.
    • Click Generate Report
    • The report will be generated and automatically downloaded.


    All reports, generated by the user will be listed under Available Reports for a period of seven days. Afterwards such reports will be removed.

    A user can always regenerate a report with on the condition that a report can only be generated for the period of the past 31 days.

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