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    Reference Transaction with Initial Payment


    PayPal reference transaction with initial payment is a recurring payment transaction that enables a merchant to charge a customer PayPal account for all future purchases without the necessity of further customer actions.

    The customer authorizes PayPal to collect payments via a Billing Agreement.

    The customer PayPal account is charged at the time of the acceptance of the Billing Agreement.


    To activate PayPal Reference Transaction with Initial Payment, follow these steps:

    1. Request activation of the PayPal payment method from the Concardis Payengine support team.
    2. Request activation PayPal Reference Transaction with Initial Payment from your PayPal account manager. If no account manager is assigned, contact PayPal support team.


    1. The merchant sends an authorizing transaction request with a parameter payment.createRecurringBillingAgreement set to true.
    2. Concardis Payengine sends an authorizing transaction response including:
    • an inline paymentInstrument with a parameter recurring set to false.
    • a redirect URL, on which the customer can confirm the payment and accept the billing agreement
    1. The customer confirms the payment and accepts the billing agreement on the PayPal checkout page: Workflow PayPal payment with initial payment

    2. The merchant receives a notification that the payment and the billing agreement have been approved by the customer.

    3. The payment instrument is now recurring and the merchant can charge the customer PayPal account for future purchases without additional confirmation.


    Debit transaction


    Create debit request

        "product" : "paypal",
        "terms": 1468590412476,
        "privacy": 1468590412476,

    Create debit response

        "createdAt": 1554710475108,
        "modifiedAt": 1554710475259,
        "merchantId": "merchant_6rpfjfvaxq",

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