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    How to create a customer

    Create a customer

    Creating a customer is pretty simple, since there is only one value which is mandatory.

    Create a customer

    	  "email": "",
    	  "merchantCustomerId": "xyz"
    emailmandatoryE-Mail address of the customer
    merchantCustomerIdoptionalOptional merchant side id for the customer

    Send request with curl

    With the body ready we can now send the request via curl.

    curl command - line breaks for readability

    curl --user MerchantID:APIKey \  
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ 
    -X POST \
    -d '{"email":"","merchantCustomerId":"xyz"}' \

    We will now touch on every part of this command.

    --user MerchantID:APIKey
    Curl Option for HTTP basic access authentication

    -H "Content-Type: application/json"
    content-type header "application/json" for our API

    -X POST
    We want the request to be a HTTP POST.

    -d '{"email":"","merchantCustomerId":"xyz"}' The body for our request in JSON format.
    The customers endpoint of our API (Test in this case).


    If the Request was successful we should get a response that looks like this:


    	  "createdAt": 1501757581860,
    	  "modifiedAt": 1501757581860,
    	  "email": "",
    createdAtUnix timestamp of the creation of the customer
    modifiedAtUnix timestamp of last modification of the customer
    emailThe email address set for the customer. Should be the same as in the request.
    merchantCustomerIdThe customer ID you defined. Should be the same as in the request.
    customerIdThe Payengine customer id, important for further requests.
    addressesAddresses associated with the customer.
    personasPersonas associated with the customer.
    paymentInstrumentsPayment Instruments associated with the customer.

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