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    3DS - Notifications


    In order to notifiy merchants about the results of the 3DS authentication, e.g. if a challenge is finished, a new notification event is required.

    This event will only be supported for the Payengine Notifications Version 2 and is only available via the Webhook.



    notificationApiVersionversion of the notification service, always set to 2.0
    notificationIdPayengine notification identifier
    globalTrackIdPayengine global tracking id (for debugging)
    eventTypeType of the event, e.g. trx.debit.success
    createdAtTimestamp of the event
    merchantIdPayengine merchantId
    threeAuthenticationIdIdentifier of the 3DS authentication transaction generated by the Payengine if transaction was triggered through dedicated authentication service
    orderDataOrder object in case the authentication was triggered as part of an order
    orderData.transactionIdPayengine transactionId

    Sample 3ds.result event message

                        "notificationApiVersion": "2.0",
                        "notificationId": "notification_ewnozkeo6z",
                        "globalTrackId": "XLg5rFkDCps-XAAa-qpMuwAAAAQ",


    You can subscribe for a 3ds.result event either via Merchant Center configuration or via the API in the corresponding 3DS authentication request.

    Subscription via Merchant Center

    The subscription of the 3ds.result event can be enabled in Notification settings in the Merchant Center.

    The event will only be available for Notification Type=URL and Version=V2.

    Subscription via API

    The subscription of the 3ds.result event can be enabled via the API as part of the async.notifications-object in the 3DS authentication request.

    Sample 3ds.result event message

    "async": {
                      "notificationUrl": "https://{someurl}",
                      "successUrl": "https://my.success.url",
                      "failureUrl": "https://my.failure.url"

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