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    Orders - Create

    Orders - Create

    You can create different types of order depending on the Payment Method:

    • Create new Credit Card Order (Ratepay Direct Debit Order/Ratepay Invoice Order/SEPA Direct Debit Order)
    • Order and Order Search Enhancements

    Create new Credit Card Order

    • Click Create Order
    • A new Create Order window opens
    • From the Payment method dropdown menu, select Credit card.
    • Enter all the required information for creating a credit card order.

    Click on the Add Basket checkbox, to add additional fields.


    For more information, see How to manage Baskets.

    Click on the Add Customer information checkbox, to add more customer information.


    There are tree types of credit card transaction actions: Preauth, Debit and Credit.

    The Preauth option is selected by default. To change your preference,

    • click the Debit or Credit checkbox
    • click Save to validate your changes.

    To create a new Ratepay Direct Debit Order, an Ratepay Invoice Order, or a SEPA Direct Debit Order, follow the same steps as described in the Create a new Credit card process.

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