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    Overview - iDEAL

    iDEAL is the most popular payment method in the Netherlands and is a real-time bank transfer system covering all major Dutch consumer banks. 59% of all online transactions in the Netherlands are done using iDEAL.

    A customer will be redirected to his bank in order to intiate the bank transfer from their bank account to the merchant using the online banking credentials. The authentication of the transfer will be done via PIN & TAN, which makes the method very secure for consumers but also merchants. The payments are guaranteed as they are debited directly from the customer's bank account and there won't be any chargebacks.

    The following issuing banks are supported by iDEAL.

    1. ABN AMRO
    2. ASN Bank
    3. bunq
    4. ING
    5. knab
    6. Rabobank
    7. Regio Bank
    8. SNS Bank
    9. Triodos Bank
    10. Van Lanschot Bankiers
    11. Handelsbanken

    To accept iDEAL payments, a merchant must usually sign up with a certified iDEAL acquiring bank who is responsible for the clearing & settlement with the issuer (customer bank). This requires the merchant to hold a local Dutch bank account with the acquiring bank.

    Concardis offers a different solution and collects the iDEAL funds directly from the customers. The funds can then be settled to the merchant without the need of having a specific bank account in the Netherlands.

    The collecting solution offers another advantage as a merchant can also easily execute refunds for iDEAL payments which are not supported by default by the iDEAL scheme. Our iDEAL refunds will be processed as a SEPA credit tansfer to the IBAN from the iDEAL online payment that will be stored securely within the Payengine.

    Customer Experience - iDEAL

    iDEAL customer experience overview

    Customer Flow in the Payenegine Widget

    1Select iDEAL.
    2Select bank.
    3Redirect to bank.

    In customer's online Bank Account; following the steps, customer can pay for his purchase.

    Feature Details - iDEAL


    Technical FlowAsynchronous

    Supported Features and Services

    NotificationsYes (webhook and email)
    Settlement ReportingYes (Unified Settlement Reporting)

    Integration Types

    Shop PluginNo

    Integration via API - iDEAL

    Technical Flow

    iDEAL IntegrationviaAPI technicalflow

    Note: In case a merchant integrates via the Payengine widget solution steps 2, 4 and 5 will be handled by the widget.

    Webhook Notifications

    As it is not ensured at the time of the redirect to the shop that the payment was 100% successful the Payengine waits for the final asynchronous notification from the bank before a status is moved from PENDING into SUCCESS or FAILURE.

    A merchant should register for the Payengine webhook notifications in order to receive this final status update. A GET on the order or DEBIT transaction would also work, but it is not ensured that the final status will be available immediately after the redirect and a merchant might have to query the GET multiple times. Therefore it is strongly recommended that the asynchronous notifications from the Payengine are used insted.

    The notifications could be subscribed:

    The following events have to be subscribed for in order to receive the iDEAL notifications, depending on the preferred source of notification.

    APInotificationState = UPDATED
    Merchant Centerevent type = order update success
    event type = order update failure

    Specifications - iDEAL

    iDEAL input parameters

    The following input parameters are required for initiating an iDEAL payment via direct API integration.

    ParameterMandatory/Optional (M/O)DescriptionExample
    payment.bicMBIC (8 or 11 alphanumeric letters) of consumer’s bankRABONL2U
    payment.accountHolderOName of the bank account holderJohn Doe
    payment.successUrlMRedirect URL for successful payment
    payment.failureUrlMRedirect URL for unsuccessful payment
    payment.cancelUrlMRedirect URL when payment is canceled

    Selection of iDEAL banks

    If the integration is done directly via the Payengine API and not via the widget solutions it has to be ensured that the consumer bank information is collected in the checkout.

    In this case it is recommended to let the consumer select the bank via a dropdown and the shop then sends the corresponding BIC to the Payengine. The list of supported banks and BIC can be found below.

    Bank NameBIC
    Van Lanschot BankiersFVLBNL22
    Triodos BankTRIONL2U


    iDEAL Debit Request

      "product" : "ideal",
      "initialAmount": 1190,
      "currency": "EUR",

    iDEAL Debit Response

      "createdAt": 1553174021405,
      "modifiedAt": 1553174021412,
      "merchantId": "merchant_bzo3pt4dir",


    All settlement information will be provided in the Unified Settlement Report. The format and mappings can be found in the corresponding documentation (see Unified Settlement Report).

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