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    The Merchant Center provides reconciliation and settlement files for different transactions. When a transaction is settled the corresponding data becomes available in a merchant downloadable csv file.

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    Navigation of Settlements

    Settlement files can be found under the "Settlements" section of the Merchant Center.


    Credit Card Settlements

    Credit Card Settlements files are in .csv format and contain detailed information for each transaction.


    SEPA Settlements

    General The SEPA settlement files are generated once on 4. of the month and are available :

    • via API (GET /settlements/download)
    • via Merchant Center

    File Format

    The generated settlement file is in a semi-colon separated values .csv format. The decimal separation is a point.

    File name

    [dd.MM.yyyy]_payengine_SST.csv e.g. 28.09.2018.csv_payengine_SST.csv

    SEPA settlement file example


    You can find more information about fields in SEPA settlement file in folowing table:

    merchantIdThe Payengine merchant idMerchant-000cf2c9-66fe-4730-ac9e-674f7c552d36
    trxTypeThe type of record included in a report. Allowed values: {retail, refund, chargeback}chargeback
    createdAtThe timestamp indicating when the capture was received by Concardis. Format: DD.MM.YYYY.28.09.2017
    settledAtThe timestamp indicating when the payout from concardis to the merchant was initializedFormat: DD.MM.YYYY28.09.2017
    chargebackDateDate on which the chargeback is settled in the Payengine system. Format: DD.MM.YYYY28.09.2017
    initialAmountRetail amount20.45
    currencyRetail currencyEUR
    transactionIdThe Payengine transaction idtransaction_pwff2milt7
    orderIdDThe Payengine order idpf3lseokll
    merchantOrderIdThe merchant order idKB1234
    referenceIdEndToEndId of the SEPA transfer to the merchant. One settlement file could contain more than one referenceID depending on the number of the payouts which were carried out in the time period which is covered by the settlement reportye.g. 20 positions in one file will be with the same referenceID

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